North Star 31+ Patrol by SailPassion

North Star 31 Patrol: spacious and durable

The keys to the success of the new flagship Nord Star 31 Patrol are its spacious and well-equipped living spaces and excellent sailing and speed properties, top in its class. Nord Star 31 Patrol‘s rugged, hand-rolled hull gives the yacht even more strength and confidence to cut through the highest waves with confidence, making it as good a boat for day trips as it is for real cruising at sea.

Nord Star yachts are created to last decades first and foremost in the harsh Nordic climate. From an 8-meter multi-purpose boat to a 15-meter luxury yacht, all Nord Star models feature an extremely durable hull, luxurious furnishings that pamper those who come aboard, and top-notch comfort and driving safety.


Construction and design

What gives Nord Star boats their high quality is the shipyard’s tradition of building that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Thus every Nord Star yacht is a true voyager of the North Seas. Unique structural features maintain stability and comfort on the open sea, while the high-quality interior design provides practical luxury for passengers. Each Nord Star model , such as the Nord Star 31 Patrol also has a large cabin with three doors, making all sorts of passages on deck always safe and risk-free. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that you will always get a boat inspired by quality craftsmanship and uncompromising design.

Nordstar 31

North Star 31 Patrol – Below Deck

The cabins then are designed for uncompromising adult taste: the forward cabin has a comfortable bed for two people, while the middle cabin offers space to sleep up to three people. A large toilet and luxurious lounge then give extra comfort that is also perfect during excursions and cruises, while the small but well-stocked kitchen also has everything you need.

Data sheet

Overall length: 10.05 meters
Width: 3.15 meters
Weight without engine: 5,500 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 520 liters
Water tank capacity: 117 liters
Cruising speed: 20-32 knots
Maximum speed: 50 knots
Motor: 550 kW


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