Northern Light Composites ecoprimus

Northern Light Composites ecoprimus

This small boat, designed in 2016 by Hungarian designer David Bereczki, was designed for sailing schools and the first steps in racing for young sailors. It has been dubbed Optimist 2.0, because it reinterprets the most popular children’s drift concept in a modern way: it is slightly longer, with a rounded prow and modern shapes, as well as being self-draining.

Ecoprimus is constructed with natural fibers, recycled PET core, and a thermoplastic resin that allows for guaranteed end-of-life recovery of the artifact: nlcomp, in fact, guarantees end-of-life shrinkage of the artifact that will be regenerated for the construction of nonstructural parts.

In addition to the choice of environmentally sustainable construction materials, the construction process of ecoprimus was also designed to respect the health of workers: therefore, it was decided to make the composite by vacuum infusion and to avoid all painting activities, using films for the outer coating.



Ecoprimus technical specifications

Length 2.42 m
Maximum beam 1.15 m
Displacement 35 kg


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