Pirelli 30


Tecnorib Pirelli 30
Tecnorib Pirelli 30

The entry level of the walkaround range from
, the Pirelli 30. Created with the aim of concentrating all the contents of the rest of the range in a small size, it is a fast, compact 10-meter that is suitable both as a dayboat and as a support boat.

Pirelli 30 Tecnorib

In 2020, at Boot Düsseldorf, the
Pirelli 42 Walkaround
by Tecnorib, created in collaboration with studio Mannerfelt. Three years later there are three new models already born. The
Pirelli 35
, the
Pirelli 50
and now the entry-level: the Pirelli 30

Bow bath of the Pirelli 30


Behind this new design is once again the hand of the Swedish firm Mannerfelt, which also took care of the rest of the range with excellent results on both deck and hull. There are no substantial novelties at the conceptual level compared to the rest of the range, but simply the declination of the same philosophy on a smaller scale. In this sense we do not find any cabin on board, which was also there on the 35-footer, for example, but more importantly it is not available in inboard-outboard versions. This detail highlights the sport boat attitude to the fullest with a hull designed without steps.

“The newest addition to the range is an entry level without a cab that retains the walkaround concept. This is the first time we have produced a boat that is not also in an inboard version, just to emphasize its sportiness.

Pirelli 30 Tecnorib – Exterior

Tecnorib’s Pirelli 30 is a 10-meter-long walkaround inflatable boat. From the stern we immediately find two opposing seats with fold-down table. Versatility on board is a central element, and this is highlighted by the fact that the dining area becomes a single sundeck in just a few moves. In the bow, too, there is a choice: the total walkaround mode is ideal for walking easily and then moving around on board in freedom. When you are at a roadstead and want double sundecks here is where this area becomes one full-beam platform for enjoying sunbathing. Despite the absence of cabins, however, the shipyard wanted to maintain a toilet/dressing room area, equipped with a toilet and sink, just below the console.

Pirelli 30 Tecnorib – Motorization

The Pirelli 30 presented in Düsseldorf will have two 300-horsepower Mercury outboard engines, while the other proposed configurations are with two 200- or 250-horsepower outboards.

Data Sheet: Pirelli 30 Tecnorib

Length Over All (LOA) 9.80 m
Baglio Massimo 3.30 m
Basic motorization 2x200hp
Optional Motorization 2x300hp
Tip Speed variable based on configurations
Cruising Speed variable based on configurations
Fresh Water Tank 80 l
Fuel Tank 350 l
Passengers 12
Design: Mannerfelt Design Team – TecnoRib
Contacts: www.tecnorib.it


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