Pirelli 35

As comfortable as a walkaround, as sporty as an inflatable boat. The Tecnorib project is a concentrate of style and power. Following the success of the Pirelli 42 launched in 2020 by Tecnorib, a licensee of the Pirelli brand, came a smaller but equally eye-catching version soon after: the Pirelli 35, an 11-meter walkaround vessel.

Pirelli 35 Tecnorib


Tecnorib Pirelli 35
Tecnorib Pirelli 35

The Pirelli 35 is also a sport boat because the design was created in collaboration with the Mannerfelt Design Team, a studio that has won as many as 25 world championships with its racing boats in its history. One of the peculiarities of the hull of the Pirelli 35 is that it is equipped with a double step, that is, having two steps along the living work that between the surface of the water and the hull itself create an air pocket that acts as a cushion. The first result is reduced friction resulting in lower fuel consumption and higher top speed.

It is clear from the line that the typical owner of this dinghy will have to be a lover of performance and design.
With Pirelli, the message went down in history that power is nothing without control. With this new unit, Tecnorib does not betray Pirelli’s historic brand maxim. Before we delve into the sailing sensations of this dinghy, let’s climb aboard to understand how Tecnorib’s modern walkaround philosophy has been declined on seven feet less.

Pirelli 35 – Deck Layout

On this model, there is a sense that there is a lot of space on board starting with the aft platform, with two MerCruisers of 300 horsepower each (total 600 horsepower) with sterndrive transmission, a solution that allows the full extent of the large spiaggetta to be utilized. This, in addition to a ladder, also provides two lockers for stowing lines, for example mooring lines, or what is useful to have nearby when getting on and off the water, like a sort of miniature beach area. In the outboard version this space is undoubtedly more sacrificed, but not entirely, partly because the engines, installed at the extreme stern, leave around a rather large walking surface.

In general, there is plenty of room for movement on the side walkways, even in front of the bow sundeck, making it easy to move freely and safely, no matter where we want to go on board. The Pirelli 35 tested has an outfitting configuration with a sundeck that shares a backrest with the dining area just beyond, equipped with a central table and double bench. The dashboard is protected forward by the windshield that starts above the forward sundeck and joins the T-top, which is supported by a central cabinet with refrigerator, sink, and possible cooktop. To the left of the wheelhouse can be accessed below deck, an area equipped with a double bed designed more for resting during the day than as an overnight space. Clever use has been made here of mirrors and furnishings to give a greater idea of space than we imagine aboard a vessel 9.99 meters long at the waterline.

Pirelli 35 – The Sea Test

Let’s move on to the actual test. I take the controls, fasten the safety release, and look around before setting off. A useful habit when you take over the boat, partly because then you can figure out what we have around us before we leave, including the other boats. On the other also to assess any blind spots from the wheelhouse. The windshield pillars are quite thick, but the large glass and open space on the sides still allow for virtually optimal vision at all times even while sitting comfortably at the helm.


The ample space throughout the perimeter walkway creates the walkaround conformation that is very comfortable on a specimen of this size while the layout allows for extreme enjoyment of the outdoors, thanks to ample sunbathing spaces both fore and aft, where a convenient table also provides outdoor dining.

This model, the starting point of a new path that gathers and enhances the DNA of an iconic and recognizable brand, confirms the desire to raise the level of elegance in this product range.


What motorization can be chosen for this inflatable boat? The Pirelli 35 has motorization that can be chosen by the amateur according to his or her needs. The expected output ranges from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 700 horsepower in the gasoline version, and from a minimum of 600 to a maximum of 640 in the diesel version). The boat is also available in an outboard motor version.

Data sheet

  • Length f.t. 11.10 m
  • Hull length 9.99 m
  • Width f.t. 3.80 m
  • Fuel 700 l
  • Water 150 l
  • Tubular diameter – from 58cm (stern) to 40cm (bow)
  • Compartments – 6
  • Weight – about 4,800 kg
  • People capacity – in the process of certification
  • EC type approval category – B
  • www.tecnorib.it


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