PlasDECK Eco Series

PlasDECK Eco Series

PlasDECK proves that it is an absolute innovator by launching a never-before-seen product on the market that is in a new market segment, identified by PlasDECK’s great quality combined with savings and environmental friendliness.

Clearly visible in this product is the effort PlasDECK has put into making its products increasingly environmentally friendly, using every technology at its disposal to achieve this goal.

PlasDECK Eco Series: 60% recycled PlasDECK – 40% classic PlasDECK

PlasDECK ECO Series is created using production and processing waste from regular PlasDECK thus creating a completely circular and environmentally friendly product life cycle while providing the customer with a more economical product. Externally it will be identical to PlasDECK but will have a base made entirely of recycled material.

PlasDECK Eco Series: recycled synthetic teak

PlasDECK is the only synthetic teak company that totally recycles its product. The ECO Series is available in all colors except bright blue.

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