Sacs Marine Rebel 40

Sacs Rebel 40

In its 30-year history, SACS Marine has become a leader in the production of maxi ribs: but in recent times it has started a real revolution in the industry, and today a Sacs Rebel is an ultra-modern concept. Starting with the Rebel 47 model in fact, presented in a Limousine version in 2016 and then in an Open version in 2017, an entirely new project took shape. Gritty and elegant at the same time Rebel 47 presented itself as a vehicle with a strong personality capable of offering all the most convincing peculiarities of an airboat combined with the taste, comfort and layout typical of a yacht.


Sacs Rebel 40 – Exterior

Dedicated to those seeking a new “essence” of sailing, it has met with exceptional success, convincing even the most wary owner. The one who until some time ago would never have thought of resting his foot on top of a tube. Yes, indeed a tubular because Rebel continues to maintain its proud sense of belonging to its home world. With “D” tubes that while made of ultra-strong and anti-collision material maintain their many functional and aesthetic peculiarities typical of the category.

Sacs Rebel 40

And the “rebel” story did not stop but continued even further thanks to a perfect mix of entrepreneurial insight, experience, and the skillful hand of designer Christian Grande. All of these characteristics mixed together convinced to such an extent that it led the shipyard to create a new model in the range, a true enfant terrible. It is the Sacs Rebel 40, a brother of 12.32 meters overall length and 3.93 meters width that in its very first appearances at sea and at the fair has already won everyone over.


Data sheet

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