Sacs Strider 13

Sacs Strider 13

Unique, irresistible, adventurous

A unique motor boat, like its console, which is also unique in its own right and attracts eyeballs with its imposing appearance. It is thus an ideal model for any sporty owner who is looking for a performance and spacious boat, but at the same time it is also perfect as a “chase boat” or a tender for a maxi yacht.

The Sacs Strider 13 is an inflatable boat with outstanding numbers: 633 kW of maximum power, 45 knots of top speed and space on board for up to 16 people. For more than 10 years, SACS Marine has been one of the leading shipyards in the production of large inflatable boats

A special and spectacular design, like that of every Sacs Marine boat, all born first and foremost to reflect their owner’s style, even down to the smallest details. This is also why, thanks to SACS’s tailor-made philosophy, a team of professionals accompanies precisely each shipowner through the configuration process and the selection of thewide range of fine woods, refined textures and designer accessories.


Sacs Strider 13 – Outsiders

The exterior of the Sacs Strider 13 is that of a typical 13-meter maxi dinghy. Great space on huge sundecks that can also accommodate up to 16 people. The owner here also has a great deal of scope for customization, from colors to finishes. This is to be able to best marry the needs of the owner. This kind of dinghy often sails close to a “mother ship” to which it serves as a maxi tender, sometimes without even being boarded. If on the yachts it accompanies one is accustomed to a certain standard, it is clear that aboard this boat one can be no less.


Even below deck, there is no lack of class aboard this dinghy. In the cabin, towards the bow we find an extra-large double bed, a detail not to be underestimated aboard a rib. Choosing an outboard motor on this rib gives more space on board, the space that would be occupied by the engine room. This also makes it possible to have a second cabin, towards the stern.

Data sheet
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