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For those who have small boats and cannot install a watermaker

It is called Wiki (a Hawaiian word made famous by the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, meaning “fast”) and it is the new portable watermaker that Italy’s Schenker Watermakers has designed and produced. What’s special about it is that no installation is needed to use it, just connect the pipes and fittings. Within minutes Wiki is ready to produce up to 30 liters of fresh water per hour.


The operation of the desalinator uses, as does Schenker’s entire line, the principle of reverse osmosis. To activate the hourly production of 30 liters of fresh water, there is no need to install the desalinator, just connect pipes from the sea surface to the boat’s tank, and it’s done in a few minutes. Wiki’spower supply (which in Hawaiian means precisely “quick,” “fast”) is 12V and consumption is less than 110 watts, thanks to the energy recovery of the system developed by Schenker. This ingenious solution is great for those who do not have space on their boat, or do not have the ability to make invasive installations, but it is also perfect as a backup watermaker on board any boat. Weighing 26 kg and measuring 71 x 31 x 22.8 cm, it comes with a convenient carrying bag.

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