Sextant 6.8

Sextant 6.8 - Render
Sextant 6.8 – Render

The new motor boat signed Verga1958

Sestante 6.8, a nautical work of art forged to experience the sea, exudes a timeless sensuality inspired by the Italian Dolce Vita. Premium materials and refined details converge to create a visual ode to luxury and performance. Designed by Matteo Costa Yacht & Design, entirely made in Italy. Sextant 6.8 is a style statement that does not go unnoticed.

Sextant 6.8 embodies the pinnacle of nautical innovation, blending impeccable design and sustainable performance. Available in an all-electric model, for those who wish to sail while respecting the environment, or with a traditional gasoline endothermic engine for the sailing purist. In any form, Sextant 6.8, is an indispensable experience that revolutionizes the horizon of navigation.

Immerse yourself in the Italian dolce vita driving Sestante 6.8. Enjoy the taste of the sea, the wind in your hair, and the sun on your skin as you experience a timeless adventure. With Sestante 6.8, it’s not just experiencing the boat, it’s experiencing a piece of Italy. Italy is the country of colors. Sestante 6.8 combines Italian elegance with a corollary of cult pastel colors of the Italian Dolce Vita. A perfect combination.

Sextant 6.8e – Electric version

Every element of Sextant 6.8 and Sextant 6.8e is the result of meticulous care, where every single detail has been studied and refined with precision. A passion for craftsmanship is evident in every nook, seam and finish, ensuring that each vessel is not just a means of transportation, but a work of art in motion.

“The name “Sextant” encapsulates the heart of this boat and the vision that inspires it. The sextant, an age-old navigational instrument, is the compass of the daring explorer. Through cunning and knowledge, it guides travelers to unknown seas. Likewise, Sextant 6.8 embodies the courage to take new routes in maritime design by representing the evolutionary direction of the boatyard.”

Sextant 6.8 VERGA1958 – Specifications

Design & Engineering: Matteo Costa Yacht & Design

Material: shockproof, saltproof and UV-resistant polycarbonate

Overall length: 6.80 m

Maximum beam: 2.33 m

Motorization: 40-150 hp outboard / 25 hp dynamic 100% electric inboard

People capacity: 8

Category: C

Speed: 20-35 knots heat engine / 12 knots electric motor

Autonomy electric version at cruising speed: 5 hours


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