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Boats by Motor, the publishing brand that has been informing about the world of motor boating since 1990. The philosophy of the product is continuously renewed by adapting to the new reality of the boating world, which has radically changed in recent years. Motor Boats focuses with an innovative approach and careful qualitative selection boats of all sizes-boating accessories, products and services-tourist destinations. Themain goal of the new philosophy is to make the market reality understandable to readers/users, guiding them to a reasoned and sustainable choice.

The epicenter of the Motor Boats narrative is the Mediterranean, where every sea lover from around the world wants to sail. The simple, straightforward, elegant editorial layout draws from the success of Top Yacht Design, an ambassador of nautical design in the world. Content dissemination, in Italian and English, is declined daily on the website with relaunches on social media and through a magazine that comes out, when interest is highest, 6 times a year, in digital and print versions.

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