The Cleaner

The “Mission” – The Cleaner

The perfect appearance of your yacht is like a business card, so you should not settle for an ordinary cleaning liquid to achieve an unsatisfactory result, but should opt only for the best products, which will guarantee not only a perfect result but also a high time saving.

We firmly believe that regular cleaning should be quick and easy. With our unique and innovative product, we enable our customers to have a brilliant result in a very short time, without any effort and without harming the environment!

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The Cleaner – Universal and Biodegradable

THE CLEANER is the only instant power cleaner on the market, spray the product and clean! Quick and easy, to save you the most precious thing you have, your time! THE CLEANER does not damage any kind of material or surface. Despite its extremely high cleaning power, it will never ruin anything. It is also biodegradable. Use it wherever and whenever you want while fully respecting the environment around you!

The Cleaner for boats of all types

Yachts, sailboats, inflatable boats… This product is suitable for cleaning every part of your boat. Gealcoat, natural or synthetic flooring, cushions, engines, hulls, fenders. There is no limit to what you can clean, with no action time and no pollution!

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