Toy 36 – 36 Fly – 36 Outboard

Toy 36 / 36 Fly / 36 Outboard

Toy 36 stands out for its harmonious design and classical, yet contemporary, line. Every details and materials are carefully selected to be integrated in the general design leaving anyway to the owner a wide choice of customized solutions.

Toy 36

Safety and ease of use are the boat’s main assets, while the deep-V hullensures course stability even in rough seas.Convenient access to the engines, located under the sundecks, facilitates any inspection and maintenance activities. In order to have higher security on board bow and stern compartments are watertight.

Toy 36

The interiors of Toy 36


Toy 36 Fly

Created as a natural evolution of Toy’s 36 while maintaining its classic and elegant line, the 36 Fly has a second wheelhouse on the fly very convenient when maneuvering and moving along the coast. The 36 Toy’s main flybridge bridge is a mix of classic and contemporary.

Toy 36 Fly

Toy 36 Fly


Toy 36 Outboard

After 16 years since the launch of the first Toy in Toy Marine, a “special” version was developed to celebrate Toy number 36 of the model’s namesake. This is a Toy 36 fly version, but with a novelty aft that certainly does not go unnoticed. Outboard engines. The boat is powered by two 300-horsepower Yamaha engines. These engines provide a cruising speed of 30 knots and a maximum speed of 35 knots. The boat has a very strong personality and the outboard motors blend very well into the classic lines of Toy’s 36. The new propulsion leads to weight savings, simplification of facilities, and ease of operation and maintenance. For Toy fans certainly an interesting option.


Data sheet

Loa: 11,65 m
Waterline Length: 9,96 m
Max Beam: 3,80 m
Draft: 0,90 m
Displacement: 8 t
Engines: 2 x Yanmar 320 hp / 2x Yanmar 370 hp (Toy 36 Fly)
Cruising Speed: 26 nodi / 28 nodi (Toy 36 Fly)
Top Speed: 31 nodi / 33 nodi (Toy 36 Fly)
Max Range: 300 nm


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