Toy 51 & Toy 51 Fly

Toy 51 and Toy 51 Fly: harmonious lines for classic yachting

If you are interested into the true essence of yachting, look here. You won’t be disappointed. The Toy 51 and the Toy 51 Fly travel on plane as stable as a train. The stern trail is clean and the IPS engines are great.The harmonious lines, reminescent of classic yachting design, are those of an evergreen boat.

Toy 51 – Interior

Cruising is always pleasant thanks to the fully equipped outfitting. Below deck, in addition to two rooms for owner and guests, there is a real accommodation for the sailor with its own bathroom and independent entrance from the cockpit.

Toy 51
Interiors Toy 51


Toy 51 Fly


Toy 51 – Exterior

Toy 51 Fly has dimensions that allow ease of handling, extraordinary maneuverability and roominess. Cruising is always pleasant thanks to the fully equipped outfitting. The Toy 51 is perfectly suited for both daily cruising and longer trips with friends and family. This Toy motor boat is equipped with the Volvo IPS propulsion system that provides precise maneuvering and fuel economy optimization. The large cockpit space can be set up with different combinations of sundecks and sofas. In the cockpit, they like the large open spaces, the classic sofa leaning against the transom, which is a delight for those who enjoy sailing.

Toy 51
Toy 51


Toy 51 Fly

Without being fooled by the search for space at all costs, the fly bridge of the new version is harmonious with the line in pure Toy style. The fly of 51′ is sober and useful, with a driving position with total visibility on the whole boat and the surrounding sea. The access ladder allows a quick descent in case of need during the mooring manoeuvre.


Toy 51/51 Fly – Data sheet

LOA: 15,74 m
Max Beam: 4,83 m
Draft: 0,90 m
Displacement: 19,50 t
Engines: 2 x Volvo D8 600 hp
Drive: IPS 800
Cruising Speed: 28 knots
Top Speed: 35 knots
Max Range: 350 nm

Read Toy 51’s test here.



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