Winch Unipower 500

Winch Unipower 500

Innovation, performance. The watchwords are always the same: year after year Harken’s “obsession” continues. This time it is the turn of Unipower 500: a high-efficiency electric winch with a small footprint and extremely easy to install. In fact, Unipower 500 can rely on its partially integrated motor inside the drum and thus on minimized volumes under the deck wire, without comparison smaller than traditional electric winches.

Its mechanics, moreover, are based on high efficiency of the reduction system: although it is a single-speed winch, in fact, it covers a working range equal to that of the classic two ratios and is self-adjusting according to the load. Unlike its direct competitors, Unipower 500 can also be operated manually with the traditional handle in case of a lack of an on-board power supply.


Designed to work with ropes from 8 to 14 mm in diameter, it is ideal for 30’/40′ long sailboats to handle rigging coming into the cockpit. Another of its features is its ease of installation: because of its small footprint below deck, because of the immediate wiring possible thanks to the integrated motor, and also because of the mounting holes, the same as its manual equivalent in the Harken range, the Radial 40 2STA.

In addition to mass production for large construction sites UniPower 500 is also the optimal choice when refitting and replacing a manual model. Within the Unipower range, the new 500 complements the larger and already popular Unipower 900. Due to the integrated motor inside the bell Unipower 500 has a minimal footprint under the deck wire. Ideal for boats from 9 to 13 meters in length, easy to install and extremely efficient: it is in fact a single-speed winch, but because of its ability to self-adjust depending on the load it has a working range equal to that of classic two-speed models.




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