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Already available in a 24-inch dome version, the new SIMRAD® HALO20 radar is the smallest pulse compression radome ever. The new 20-inch dome packs come with the same outstanding features, so you don’t have to compromise. With a full 360-degree scan every second at distances up to 1.5 nautical miles, these ultra-fast updates give boaters a near real-time view at close range, providing the best image to avoid collisions with stationary and fast-moving targets.


Take advantage of dual range mode

Ideal for a wide range of small vessels sailing along the coast, HALO20 comes with acompact radome antenna capable of providing high-quality short, medium and long-range detection. Mariners can monitor two distances at the same time in the Dual Range mode to keep an eye on storm cells in the distance and monitor close collision hazards.

The pulse compression technology of the HALO20 radar is perfect for target detection at any selected distance, and beam narrowing provides better separation between distant or small targets.

With SIMRAD® HALO20 , boaters can quickly identify hazards with integrated VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology, which provides immediate feedback on approaching or receding targets. Simple color coding highlights potential hazards and risks for enhanced situational awareness and to further reduce the risk of collision.

The HALO20 radar automatically monitors every target within its range, without having to manually select individual targets and without any restriction on the number of targets that can be simultaneously displayed on the screen.

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Complete your dream boat with the ultimate navigation system.

NSO Evo3S offers twice as fast response times with the new high-performance iMX 8 processor. With Full HD, you get exceptional sharpness, and the intuitive touch screen and remote control keypad give you total control over the on-board electronics.

NSO evo3S is available as integrated screens/processors and modular systems.

Choose your NSO Evo3S system


Integrated screens of NSO Evo3S

With NSO Evo3S you can create the ultimate navigation system. The new high-performance iMX 8 processor offers response times twice as fast as the previous model, and a Full HD screen offers exceptional sharpness. Connect with GPS, radar, sonar, keyboards, and other accessories to create the perfect navigation system.

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NSO evo3S processor

Create a custom system with multiple displays that is perfect for you and your boat with the NSO Evo3S modular system. The NSO Evo3S marine processor is a compact “black box” solution that contains two processors with four cores and the connection options needed to integrate and expand the system across the entire vessel.

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High-definition 9″ display, ideal for central consoles and other motorboats. Equipped with the new high-performance iMX 8 processor with ultra-fast response times, this compact system offers comprehensive functionality. You can take advantage of exceptional sharpness and ultra-wide viewing angles, combined with an all-weather touchscreen and keyboard for maximum control in any situation. Includes basic world map.

Make the most of your browsing experience

Take total control of your experience at sea. SolarMAX® IPS displays offer exceptional clarity and ultra-wide viewing angles in all lighting conditions, while the new IMX 8 high-performance processor delivers superfast response times for seamless screen transitions. Choose from weatherproof touchscreen technology or dial keypad for control that fits every situation. It is easy to monitor and control all on-board electronics with simple menus, customizable split-screen layouts, and a programmable function key for one-button access to the features you use most.

SolarMax™ IPS displays ensure sharp views in all conditions

Get sharp vision in any lighting condition thanks to IPS SolarMAX™ technology, which keeps everything in view with ultra-wide viewing angles, even while wearing polarized sunglasses. These all-weather screens are designed to withstand the heat of the summer sun and have an optical coating that prevents condensation or vapor from forming inside the display. It is super easy to instantly access and control all your on-board equipment with simple menus and customizable layouts with split screen.

Integrated echo sounder supports fishing and safer navigation

You simply need to add your choice of transducer. The 1 kW CHIRP-compatible sonar offers exceptional bottom monitoring and fish detection performance, including support for dual-channel CHIRP transducers, which provide coverage of multiple depth ranges in a single unit. The two transducer ports offer the convenience of connecting multiple transducers to a single display. Incomparable data processing power makes it easy to activate technology Active Imaging™, which provides very high-resolution images of fish stationing structures, but also sonar ForwardScan®, which can offer the safest experience at sea ever thanks to crisp views of the seabed in front of the boat.

Advanced mapping capabilities for extensive coverage

Choice of any combination of split screen, 3D views or navigation perspective and radar overlay. Includes compatibility with a wide range of nautical charts from third-party vendors.

Connection of a wide range of accessories

Industry-standard connectivity makes it easy to configure multi-display systems and connect displays to any on-board electronic equipment, while the new iMX 8 high-performance processor ensures real-time engine and fuel monitoring, as well as control of on-board audio systems and more. Expand your system with Simrad modules and accessories; fish smarter with the revolutionary S5100 or StructureScan® 3D technology; look farther with the legendary HALO™ pulse-compression radar; and put a fully integrated Simrad autopilot at the helm.

Wireless connectivity to smartphones or tablets

You can mirror your display with compatible iOS and Android devices and access charts, radar, sonar, engine data and more from anywhere on board the boat. Wireless connectivity also allows you to easily update software online via any Internet hotspot, giving you access to the latest features and accessory support. Alternatively, you can download theSimrad app for an even richer experience-from device registration and manual downloads to the ability to save waypoints and favorite fishing spots, which will be accessible both on board and ashore.

Radar options

Add the Halo™ pulse-compression radar system to navigate safely in crowded harbors, low visibility conditions, keep an eye on weather cells in the distance, and even find flocks of birds that indicate the best spots to fish.

Main functions

  • Integrated six-core IMX 8 processor for unparalleled performance
  • 9″ IPS SolarMAX™ display with ultra-wide viewing angles, visible even when using polarized sunglasses
  • Ability to easily switch between touchscreen and keypad controls
  • Integrated high-performance fishfinder with 1 kW CHIRP
  • Built-in GPS receiver and wireless connectivity
  • Control of Simrad sonar, radar,autopilot, and other accessories
  • Industry-standard connectivity for engines, sound systems, and more
  • TripIntel™ trip planning and automatic routing support
  • Choice of low-profile flush mounting or convenient bracket mounting
  • Ability to download theSimrad app and connect the device to smartphones, tablets and Internet hotspots
  • Includes basic world map

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