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Simrad: watch from far and near

The radar allows you to navigate safely in crowded waters or low visibility conditions, keeping an eye out for distant storm cells and even detecting flocks of birds that indicate the best spots to fish. That’s why Simrad‘s revolutionary HALO20 and HALO20 pulse compression dome radars, specially designed for small sport fishing and cruising boats offer 360-degree close-range scanning every second to best avoid collisions with stationary or fast-moving targets.

With excellent target detection at short, medium and long distances, these dome antennas are full-featured and provide a crisp view of targets even in the harshest environmental conditions.

Both the HALO20 radar and HALO20 make the easier and safer navigation, but each has distinct features that meet the needs of both those who want high-end features and those who are looking for a high-performance radar at a more affordable price.”


Already available in a 24-inch dome version, the new SIMRAD® HALO20 radar is the smallest pulse compression radome ever. The new 20-inch dome packs come with the same outstanding features, so you don’t have to compromise. With a full 360-degree scan every second at distances up to 1.5 nautical miles, these ultra-fast updates give boaters a near real-time view at close range, providing the best image to avoid collisions with stationary and fast-moving targets.

Take advantage of dual range mode

Ideal for a wide range of small vessels sailing along the coast, HALO20 comes with acompact radome antenna capable of providing high-quality short, medium and long-range detection. Mariners can monitor two distances at the same time in the Dual Range mode to keep an eye on storm cells in the distance and monitor close collision hazards.

The pulse compression technology of the HALO20 radar is perfect for target detection at any selected distance, and beam narrowing provides better separation between distant or small targets.

With SIMRAD® HALO20 , boaters can quickly identify hazards with integrated VelocityTrack™ Doppler technology, which provides immediate feedback on approaching or receding targets. Simple color coding highlights potential hazards and risks for enhanced situational awareness and to further reduce the risk of collision.

The HALO20 radar automatically monitors every target within its range, without having to manually select individual targets and without any restriction on the number of targets that can be simultaneously displayed on the screen.

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The new model of SIMRAD® HALO20 radar provides a cost-effective solution for those who want to increase awareness when navigating and thus avoid hazards by detecting collision hazards and other targets nearby and up to a maximum distance of 24 nautical miles. With its small footprint and low-profile design, HALO20 is the perfect radar solution for those with a limited budget and a small recreational or sport fishing boat.

Detects up to 10 targets

The HALO20 radar also offers a full range of functions to improve knowledge of the surrounding environment and safety at sea. Sailors can monitor selected collision hazards with MARPA target detection (up to 10 targets). Whether navigating in busy waters or in low visibility conditions, the HALO20 radar eliminates noise to provide a sharp and up-to-date image of the surrounding environment.

Both SIMRAD® HALO20 and HALO20 radars offer MARPA target detection, InstantOn™ technology, and Port, Open Sea, and Weather modes, which fine-tune advanced radar signal processing to ensure that targets are clearly visible, even in the harshest environmental conditions.

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Cruise 5

Simrad Cruise is the most intuitive and easy-to-use chartplotter available. Everything you need to take advantage of straightforward GPS navigation is already in the box-an anti-glare display, a mounting bracket, and a sonar transducer. Simrad Cruise can display charts, navigation data and sonar in a split-screen view or separately in a full-screen view. The rotary knob and keypad controls make it easy to navigate menus, create routes, and access data on temperature, speed, depth, and battery voltage.

Easy menu navigation

Simrad Cruise includes intuitive menus to quickly find the information you need at any time, and a rotary knob and keypad controls make it easy to switch between screens. Forget the instruction manual; with Simrad Cruise, simply turn on the display and set sail!

Always on course

Find out where you are and where you are going! Choose from a wide range of optimized maps, from C-MAP® to Navionics® and use advanced features such as C-MAP® Easy Routing for an unparalleled navigation experience.

Everything in sight

Display the details you want in the way you prefer! Simrad Cruise offers both split and full screen views, so it’s easier to see the information you need. Do you want to chart a course? Select full-screen maps to get a complete overview of your surroundings. Do you want to know what is on the bottom? Choose full-screen sonar for a clear view of the seafloor and automatic depth detection. Do you want to see everything? Use the split-screen option to seamlessly combine chart and sonar data.

Stay up to date

Simrad Cruise gives you access to the information you need to navigate safely and confidently. Depth readings, position, battery voltage, and other important information about the boat can all be monitored on the screen for quick reference and increased knowledge of the surroundings.

Main functions

  • Safely navigate with intuitive menus, an easy-to-use rotary dial, and keyboard controls
  • Intuitive menus, easy-to-use rotary knob, and keyboard controls
  • Preloaded world base map
  • Supports a wide range of optimized maps, from C-MAP® to Navionics®
  • Preset split screens to keep important data in view
  • Displays depth, location, battery voltage and more


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GO7 XSR is a great way to add GPS navigation, sonar and even radar to your boat. This compact yet feature-rich display is perfect for smaller sports boats, pleasure boats, and central consoles. Wireless connectivity for smartphones and tablets gives you control from anywhere on the boat, almost like a second display.

Get the most out of your boating trips

Simrad GO series displays are designed to help you make the most of your time at sea and are the perfect addition for sport boats, pleasure boats and central consoles. Behind every GO Series anti-glare touchscreen is a built-in GPS receiver, sounder, wireless connectivity, and industry-standard NMEA 2000® networking. Navigation, connection to mobile devices, control of accessories such as the on-board sound system, and choice from a wide range of integrated sonar mounts. Radar capability, available on GO7 and higher versions, offers more safety and fishfinding capabilities.

Multi-touch display for intuitive control

The GO series offers maximum ease of use with highly intuitive touchscreen controls similar to those of smartphones and tablets. Customize the home screen with the most frequently used features and see everything you need on the screen at once with multiple adjustable screen views. Mark points on the course line on maps with a simple tap and easily assign meaningful names and symbols to speed their identification as you plan your next outing.

Chartplotter with built-in GPS to help you stay on course

Each GO series display is a full-featured chartplotter with a built-in GPS receiver. GO displays offer compatibility with a wide range of optional C-MAP mapping , Navionics® and more. You can also take advantage of advanced chart-specific features, such as C-MAP Easy Routing and Navionics Autorouting, to make planning your next route as easy as planning a car route.

Wireless and wired connectivity extends the reach of the display far beyond the dashboard

Built-in wireless connectivity allows you to mirror the display to compatible smartphones or tablets, giving you instant access to charts, radar and other features from anywhere on the boat. In addition, wireless technology enables easy online software updates via any Internet hotspot. Industry-standard NMEA 2000® connectivity offers a wide range of expansion and integration options: monitor your boat’s engine performance and fuel efficiency, steer your vessel with a Simrad autopilot, or control your onboard entertainment system from your GO Series display.

Turn your display into a fishfinder

You can choose from a wide range of fishfinding sonar options to fit your boat, from CHIRP transducers or traditional sonar for classic fishfinding visualization or combine all fishfinding sonars into one transducer with Active Imaging™ 3-in-1. Active Imaging provides the maximum clarity and target separation of a CHIRP sonar, as well as incredible detail of coral reefs, sheer walls, and wrecks from SideScan and DownScan Imaging™.

Active Imaging

With the 3-in-1 Active Imaging™ sonar featuring CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan technology with FishReveal™ functionality, fishermen can visualize structure and covered area with a new level of detail accuracy, within a range never before achieved by other structure imaging technologies. The high sharpness, target separation, and detail accuracy offered by Active Imaging allow more fish to be detected by easier and faster identification of structures containing schools of fish, such as piles of boulders or rocks, vertical logs, beds of algae or weeds, pits, and submerged reefs, all at a greater distance from the boat. Anglers can get the best of CHIRP and DownScan sonar technology in one screen with the unique FishReveal™ intelligent target display, which allows fish to be clearly distinguished from structure and area covered on highly detailed DownScan images.

HDI Skimmer® transducer locates fish and detects depth

A transom-mounted HDI Skimmer® transducer provides fish-finding sonar to recreational anglers and power boaters offers an easy way to keep an eye on depth. CHIRP technology enables clear detection of fish in the water column, while DownScan Imaging™ sonar creates a photo-like visualization of the structures where fish are stationed under the boat. FishReveal™ technology combines these two specialized views into a single crystal-clear image of fish and structure.

TotalScan™ transducers

Add the TotalScan transducer to the XSE GO system and get all your sonar technology in one package. TotalScan matches demonstrated Broadband Sounder ™ and CHIRP sonar with SideScan and DownScan Imaging ™ technology, which enables fish-addressing and fish-holding structure searching with the same transducer.

Radar options

Radar support provides safer navigation and more productive fishing. The GO7 XSR, GO9 XSE and GO12 XSE displays offer plug-and-play connectivity to Simrad radar solutions for powerboats of all sizes, including inflatable boats and smaller vessels. Add a Broadband 3G™, Broadband 4G™, or Halo™ Pulse Compression radar system to navigate safely in crowded harbors, low visibility conditions, keep an eye on weather cells in the distance, and even find flocks of birds that indicate the best spots to fish.

Main functions

  • Widescreen display with LED backlighting
  • Simple, tablet-like touchscreen controls
  • Compatible with Broadband 3G™/4G™ radar and Halo™ (GO7 and above)
  • Supports a wide range of maps, from C-MAP and many others
  • View and control your display from a compatible smartphone or tablet
  • Built-in support for CHIRP sonar, StructureScan® HD imaging or ForwardScan™ sonar: you just need to add a compatible transducer
  • It is compatible with the WM-3 SiriusXM satellite weather module (GO7 and above, North America only).



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