Propeller antifouling: here’s why you should have it


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Taking care of your boat means controlling all the variables that can change the “health” of your boat. Theengine propeller is a very delicate and very important part that deserves specific treatment to safeguard its condition. Here is a
product designed for the engine propeller
, sometimes too much neglected neglected.


Why spread antifouling on the propellers?

When we think of fouling, corrosion, and biofouling we immediately think of our boat’s hull. Protecting it with an antifouling paint is a critical step that makes all the difference and preserves the hull from unpleasant (and premature) situations. Just as we are concerned about not having the hull covered with fouling, however, we should be concerned about not having the engine propeller damaged by corrosive phenomena. For this
, a world-renowned manufacturer of flag propellers, decided to create a specific product that applies to propellers.

Biomimetic antifouling: what it is and how it works

It is called
and it is thebiomimetic antifouling which is applied to propellers, propeller shafts, and any other submerged metal parts to protect against all kinds of Marine encrustation. If you purchase FastBlades you will find the Prime bi-component and the antifouling paint, which you can easily apply with a brush to steel, bronze, aluminum, and composite propellers. The secret of its operation is that the paint simulates the nonstick characteristics of living organisms, preventing fouling from settling on the material where it is applied.

Read more about FastBlades

To find out about this paint in detail you can visit the
Ewol booth at Milan Yachting Week
. There you can find out how FastBlades works but also why Ewol ‘s flag propellers are so successful. Fill out the
mail form
to contact them right away!



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