Propulsion: these are the best engines of 2023


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Boat accessories 2023 top - Propulsion
Boat accessories 2023 top – Propulsion

Best Boat Accessories 2023 – Propulsion

Outboard motors for the dinghy, electric and thermal, as well as maneuvering propellers to be installed on large yachts, new developments in the motor market are always the order of the day. Here are what are some of the best propulsion-related accessories of 2023.

Boat Accessories 2023 – QS Seamaster Maneuvering Propellers – Quick/SAIM Marine

TOP 2023 Accessories - QS Seamaster Maneuvering Propellers - Quick
TOP 2023 Accessories – QS Seamaster Maneuvering Propellers – Quick/SAIM Marine

The new permanent-magnet synchronous reluctance motors are a very interesting technological development in the marine market. Some of its main features are that it is IP68 waterproof and has a built-in power inverter. The range, designed for various types of boats, includes 8 maneuvering propellers for boats up to 100 feet that differ in different tunnel sizes, from the smallest with a 140 12V diameter to the largest with a 300 48V diameter.

Temo 450 – Boatique

TOP 2023 Accessories - Temo 450 - Boatique
TOP 2023 Accessories – Temo 450 – Boatique

It is called Temo 450, after the watts of power of this electric tender motor that enables zero-emission sailing by simply pushing the trigger on the handle. It easily attaches to the transom of any tender providing propulsion for about 1 hour of sailing at 200 watts of power. The battery is built into the stick, protected by the waterproof casing, and recharges via 220 or 12-volt outlet. Temo is only 130 centimeters long when closed and weighs 4.9 kilograms.

Engines: BF 2.3 – Honda

Engines  - BF 2.3 - Honda
TOP 2023 Accessories – BF 2.3 – Honda

Honda’s BF2.3 outboard has a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with a top valve. It is easy to start with a manual system that allows the motor to run freely right away. It is based on the most advanced technology that precisely controls the ignition phase.

Engines: DF 2.5 – Suzuki

TOP 2023 Accessories - DF 2.5 - Suzuki
TOP 2023 Accessories – DF 2.5 – Suzuki

With its incredible capacity of 83 KWh, its more than 250 kw of power at 450 volts (equivalent to 340 horsepower), and the best positioning in terms of power-to-weight ratios, Sealence’s lithium-cobalt battery differs from all others on the market. Designed for heavy use on boats between 12 and 18 meters.

Engines: MS 20 – Yamaha

Engines - Yamaha MS 20 - Yamaha
TOP 2023 Accessories – MS 20 – Yamaha

Yamaha’s range of electric motors is enriched with a saltwater-specific model featuring special paint and anti-corrosion plastics. The MS20 weighs 20.4 kg and is specially designed to prevent contact with water from corroding the electrical systems inside. Lightweight and intuitive, it installs in no time on the tender, is easy to maneuver and powerful: it can develop a power of 20 HP.

Travel 1103 CS – Torqeedo

TOP 2023 Accessories - Travel 1103 CS - Torqeedo
TOP 2023 Accessories – Travel 1103 CS – Torqeedo

Torqeedo’s new range of Deep Blue Saildrive 50 electric motors allow you to sail while hearing only the sound of the sea but without sacrificing power and performance. The new electric propulsion system, among the most powerful on the market with a power output equivalent to 80 hp, is powered by ultra-high-performance lithium batteries, the same ones used by the automotive industry that have been adapted for nautical use to avoid the risk of short circuits.



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