Ranieri International launches the new Cayman 26.0 Sport

This is the “turbo” Pardo that flies at 50 knots with Luna Rossa!
18 August 2020
Cannes Yachting Festival 2020 canceled
Cannes Yachting Festival 2020 canceled
21 August 2020
Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport poppa

Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport stern

In addition to the new Ranieri International for 2020 there is also the Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport. For now we have seen the Cayman 28.0 Executive and the Next 285 LX, to which we will then add the new Ranieri Cayman 23.0 Sport. Meanwhile today we watch the 26.0 Sport just launched at the Soverato nautical base.

The new rib Ranieri Cayman 26.0 Sport

The new Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport has an overall length of 7.80 meters, while its width maximum swollen tubular is 2.80 meters. With these numbers, the Ranieri inflatable boat looks like a versatile rib for days at sea. At the stern you can mount a maximum of 300 horsepower outboard and the dry weight is 1,150 kg. The engine chosen for the first launched model of the new Cayman 26 Sport is a Honda BF 250 D Sporty White outboard.


Ranieri Cayman 26 SportThe choice fell on this outboard engine because it has a weight/power ratio able to maximize the performance of the new water lines.

In deck Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport

How’s the blanket on this new raft Ranieri? The layout of the new Cayman 26 Sport includes a bow sundeck, with a seat in the console. Speaking of the console, its central position is designed to provide protection for those who are driving and accommodate all the necessary instrumentation so that it is beautifully visible and accessible. At the same time the side passages are easy and allow an easy passage to the bow.

Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport dashboard.

The double seat for pilot and co-pilot consists of two boolster seats installed in the new stand-up. From this position it is possible to navigate both sitting and standing, using them as lumbar supports.

Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport seduta.

Behind the stand-up is a very spacious C-shaped seat. In this area, adding also the optional table, you can have a dinette that can accommodate up to 5 people.

Ranieri Cayman 26 Sport cockpit.


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