Ranieri Cayman 28, A New Italian Spacedeck Rib

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Ranieri Cayman 28

Ranieri Cayman 28

Ranieri Cayman 28 Executive

Ranieri Cayman 28 Executive

Ranieri Cayman 28 Executive is the latest rib presented by Ranieri International. The Soverato shipyard is now launched into the world of the rib and this is demonstrated by the new Ranieri Cayman 28.0 Executive.

Ranieri Cayman 28 Executive: this is what it will look like

The design of this new Ranieri inflatable boat is a modern sundeck, inspired by the existing Cayman Executive range inflatable boats. The Cayman 28.0 Executive is therefore just over 8.60 meters long and 3.30 meters wide. An important beam that, however, with deflated tubular, still allows you to wheel the boat.

Like the superior models of the Cayman Executive line, the 28.0 Executive is designed and built with the Fully – Developed Cockpit System by Ranieri International. This creates a monocoque deck that groups the deck, the cabin bottom, and the technical accommodation of the fuel tank, water, and lockers in a single mold. Moreover, the adoption of this system has made it possible to maintain the maximum beam of the boat for about 2/3 of its maximum length, thus optimizing comfort on board.

Ranieri Cayman 28

Ranieri Cayman 28

The second-generation H.I.S. system (Hull Innovative System Generation II – by Ranieri International) has been adopted for the hull of the Cayman 28.0 Executive. The hull and deck are assembled with the system C.S.A. (Cockpit Shock Absorber) and the engine will only be in a single or twin-engine outboard version, with a maximum power rating of 600 horsepower.

Ranieri Cayman 28 Executive: the external layout of the rib

The exterior layout includes a “C” shaped rear dinette with wraparound side shoulders. In this area of the rib it is possible to mount a table for 6 people, a stand-up table equipped with predispositions to insert sink, refrigerator and cooker, and a large and protective central console where, in addition to the comfortable and complete driving position, there is a sliding door to enter the cabin.

The new rib Ranieri Cayman 28 below deck

Below deck the Cayman 28 has achieved remarkable results. In fact, the cabin has reached a maximum height of over one meter and sixty-five meters and where there are a comfortable double bed and a separate bathroom.

The Cayman 28.0 Executive will be presented to the international public in the autumn at the first Boat Show of the 2020-2021 season, along with other news from the shipyard. The first sea trials and the first official images are scheduled for the first days of August.


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