Ranieri International 275 LX and SL (8 m): comparing 2 weekend cabin cruisers


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Ranieri International 275 LX
Ranieri International 275 LX

This year, at the Genoa International Boat Show, Ranieri International took the opportunity to present two brand new models, the Sundeck 275 LX, an acronym that identifies the product as “extra-luxury,” and the open 275 SL version, which stands for “Sport Luxury” and distinguishes the sportier character of this model. One hull, in short, for two boats, however, for different needs. We tried them out for you.

Ranieri International 275 LX & 275 SL – TEST

Let’s start with the basics: both boats are part of the NEXT range, already launched in 2018, and share the same hull. Below deck, however, is the big difference between the two models, namely the cabin with a forward bed and separate bathroom, which we find on the sundeck version (275 LX) and allows the boat to be used even for a short cruise. In contrast, the open version, although equipped with a toilet hidden under a bench cabinet and a small aft bed (also present on LX), is more suitable for an audience wishing to take day trips.

Ranieri International 275 SL
Ranieri International 275 SL

Ranieri International 275 LX & 275 SL – Project

In terms of technology and design, the boats share all the know-how of the Ranieri International shipyard. The water lines have been designed according to the brand’s own Family Engineering, with the third-generation H.I.S. (Hull Innovative System Generation III – by Ranieri International) system adopted for the hull, and an inverted skid system that improves performance by increasing sailing comfort. The assembly of the hull with the deck is carried out through the C.S.A. (Cockpit Shock Absorber) system, an assembly technique that introduces “shock absorbers” between the hull and deck, which dampen the hull’s shocks to the waves.

Finally, 275 LX and SL were also designed and built using the Fully Developed Cockpit System technique, which involves building the boat by grouping the deck, cabin bottom, technical accommodations for the fuel tank, water tank, and storage lockers in a single mold. The result of all these patents and technologies gives the boats a solidity and sturdiness that can withstand the repeated stresses to which the sea subjects them, nullifying the typical creaks and rattles that emerge over time and significantly improving comfort when sailing.

Ranieri International 275 SL
Ranieri International 275 SL

Spaces on board

Returning to the differences between the two models, externally the deck of SL, having no forward cabin, is on a single level with no steps. The aft living area space is identical on both 275 LX and 275 SL, although different configurations are possible (with or without wetbar, double or triple seating behind the dashboard). In the bow, however, we find some differences.

Ranieri International 275 SL – Interior

On the sundeck model (LX) the bow can only be used as a large sunbathing area; on the open version (SL) it is much more versatile. With the application of a table and sun shade, the sunbathing area can be converted into a second convivial area. Without the table, or the module to create a large sunbathing area in the bow, guests can still sit on side benches that, thanks to two removable backrests, create two comfortable chaise lounges facing forward.

Ranieri International 275 LX

Interestingly, there are two drop-down side seats (optional on request) that disappear inside the deck, in the aft living area. This solution comfortably accommodates four people at the table (table is provided as standard). Finally, the double side passage at the stern is very convenient, providing easy access from either side to the small beach that connects the swim platforms structurally integrated with the hull.

Ranieri International 275 LX

Altogether, then, both boats are 8.20 meters long and 2.55 meters wide, so they are trailerable, and can accommodate up to 9 passengers on board in category B. The quality is typical of what the Ranieri International shipyard has accustomed us to, with assemblies carried out to perfection, with no sparing of fiberglass, for a hull that is solid and safe at sea, and with cushions from an extra-luxury tailoring product. Ranieri is one of the few shipyards in Italy that performs the entire production process of boat construction in-house, starting from fiberglass, to the electrical system and precisely the cushioning. An effort whose result is immediately evident as soon as you touch the finished product, strong in all the comfort that quality and design attention can provide.

Ranieri International 275 LX

Ranieri International 275 LX & 275 SL – Testing

On-board comfort is one of the first things I notice as soon as I get on the boat, even before the sea outing, which takes hold on a late August day with winds between 15 and 20 knots and waves up to 50 cm. The boats are very stable and dry, even when the wave is caught in the bow where they hop but do not slam, cutting close to the crest of the waves.

On hand for the test were three hull and engine combinations: the 275 SL with a single 300-hp Suzuki engine and the 275 LX, twin-engine Honda versions of 150-hp each and the single 350-hp Mercury V10. The “entry level” version (the Suzuki single) is more than enough to propel both models, which differ by just 400 kg, but, being able to afford it (it is more expensive), it is preferable to fit the twin-engine Honda, which is less fast in elongation but more balanced and smooth in acceleration and turning.

Of course, the single Mercury, a 5.7-liter V10 with 50 more horsepower than the other engines, is in a class of its own when it comes to performance, with unrivaled acceleration, top speed and sound. Both models are approved for a maximum power output of 450 horsepower, single or twin-engine. The minimum recommended horsepower is 250.

TEST 275 LX powered by a pair of 150-hp Honda outboards
RPM Speed expressed in knots (KN) Consumption expressed in liters per hour (L/H)
680 2.9 3
1000 4.2 4.8
1500 5.7 7.2
2000 7 10.8
2500 8.4 16.8
3200 11.2 25.6
3500 11.8 40.4
4500 26.3 43.8
5000 30.4 54
5500 33.4 81.6
6000 36.2 102.6

*At the time of the test, the speedboat had 3 people on board, 100 l t of fuel and 40 l t.of water. Tense wind, wave in favor.


Data Sheet


Ranieri International 275 SL 275 LX
Length Over All (LWL) 8.2 m 8.2 m
Hull Length (LOH) 7.7 m 7.7 m
Baglio Massimo 2.55 m 2.55 m
Displacement 2100 kg 2500 kg
Motorization Outboard 300 / 450 hp Outboard 300 / 450 hp
Maximum Speed 42 kn 43 kn
Cruising speed 25 kn 25 kn
Fuel Tank 390 lt. 390 lt.
Fresh Water Tank 80 lt. 80 lt.
Beds 2 4
Bathroom Concealed toilet 1
Contact Ranieri International Ranieri International

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