So cruising and fishing get easier: here are the new raymarine sounders, displays and cameras


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Raymarine – Axiom 2 Pro Display – 9,12 and 16 inches

With the arrival of the new year, the market also gives birth to news, updates and new products, and Raymarine, which has just launched a series of new products, proves this well. These are the new multifunction displays in the Axiom 2 Pro range, the new RVM 1600 sounder module, and the new Day/Night IP CAM 300 Mini camera.

Raymarine’s new products

Overall useful for both the cruiser and the fishing enthusiast, Raymarine begins the year with a series of products that are in their own way indispensable and, of course, absolutely integrated with each other. In fact, both the camera and the new echosounder module dialogue directly with the displays in the Axiom 2 Pro range, which are available in three distinct sizes, among others. But let’s take a closer look at each new feature.

Raymarine – Multifunction Display Axiom 2 Pro

An evolution of the previous Axiom Pro, the new Axiom 2 Pro range takes Raymarine multifunction displays to powers yet unheard of for the brand, offering many new features and raising the bar in terms of performance. Available in 9-, 12-, and 16-inch sizes-with built-in echo sounder options-the new models are distinguished as RVM and S, dedicated to fishing and cruising, respectively.

In fact, the Axiom 2 Pro RVM models are designed for the most discerning anglers and carry the new RealVision MAX fishfinder, which enables better resolutions, increased ranges, and far sharper displays, thanks to increased power and upgraded transducers. The new Axiom 2 Pro S, on the other hand, designed for cruising, are equipped with a single-channel High CHIRP sounder, thus ensuring reliable depth monitoring, also ideal for underwater exploration.

Raymarine - Axiom 2 Pro 16 Inch Display
Raymarine – Axiom 2 Pro 16 Inch Display

Regardless of distinction, in terms of design and user experience, the Axiom 2 Pro models boast a HydroTough-coated touchscreen display, thus ensuring reliable performance in all conditions, flanked by the ergonomic HybridTouch controls, redesigned with an autopilot keypad and interchangeable hotkeys.


Raymarine – Sounder Module RVM 1600

Shifting attention instead to the new RVM 1600 echo sounder module, we have a new ‘all-in-one’ module with as many as six channels of operation, including simultaneous operation. Equipped with RealVision MAX technology, the new generation of fishfinders is designed to provide extremely vivid sonar images and fishing targets. In fact, it offers the new high-performance CHIRP RealVision transducers, now upgraded with larger elements that provide greater output power for long-range performance. In terms of signal processing, ping rates are higher, thus also improving visual fidelity and identification of one’s targets.

Raymarine – Display Axiom & RVM1600

Raymarine – Day/Night IP CAM 300 Mini Camera

Finally, turning to the new IP CAM300 Day/Night-developed for Axiom multifunction displays, we have a mini visible light camera with a wide field of view equipped with an HD video sensor. A solution that basically turns the Axiom displays into an onboard video observation system, thus enabling blind spot monitoring and, more generally, safer navigation thanks to the high-definition video feed.

Raymarine - Day/Night IP CAM 300 Mini Camera
Raymarine – Day/Night IP CAM 300 Mini Camera

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