Ready for the return to the boat: get your insurance in order, too!


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Protect your boat with David Insurance

Insuring the boat is a must for anyone who wants to sail, but the compulsory policy, the one you have to take out to sail, covers only the damage caused, and not the damage suffered by the boat. That’s why if you want comprehensive coverage you need to rely on solutions like those from David Insurance, which protect your boat even when it’s ashore!


The All Risk Policy is the solution to stop thinking about it

The boat must be protected all round, because it is constantly exposed to all kinds of risks, often due to external agents such as weather, not only when sailing but also when we are in port. MandatoryBoat Liability to be able to sail does not make us safe, because it only covers Civil Liability and thus damages caused to third parties. Therefore, another policy, such as David Insurance‘s Body Policy, must be taken out to be 100 percent safe. This is coverage similar to Kasko, which many people take out for automobiles, and which covers damage that might occur at any juncture to the boat, not just procured damage.

So you are covered for any damage

When you are sailing, stopped at the dock in port or roadstead and even ashore, your boat is always protected with the formulas offered by David Insurance. Theft, fire, vandalism or damage to propellers and rudders, David Insurance’s “all-risks” coverage is truly comprehensive. There is more, you can in fact subscribe to the“Machinery” option that reimburses for any kind of damage or failure to the engine, one of the most delicate bodies when sailing.

Get a quote from here

To contact David Assicurazioni directly at its pavilion at Milan Yachting Week simply click here. Together with the broker, you can build the policy tailored to you, allowing you to zero worry and save money. Here you will find the email form to send all your inquiries now.



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