RIB 625C, here is the working dinghy (6.25 m) according to Melges


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Melges RIB 625C
Melges RIB 625C

The brand new Melges RIB 625C is an inflatable boat of 6.25 meters, capable of touching speeds of 42 knots and take on board up to 8 people. The intention is simple: to offer the qualitatively best and most efficient dinghy platform in the service of sailing.

Racing sailboats such as Melges among sailors are very famous. Speed and lightness for top performance are among the brand’s cornerstones. There is no regatta, however, that does not have inflatables around it. The reason? Without the means of assistance, competitions are virtually impossible to organize, at least logistically. And who, better than Melges, can know these needs?

Melges RIB 625C

Designed with hundreds of hours of “in the field” experience behind it, Melges’ new 625C is an inflatable boat designed specifically to support athletes in both training and racing. From the spaces on board to the speed, from the visibility in the wheelhouse to the profile and surfaces of the tubulars, every element indeed wants to be optimized for the competitive use of the same. Here’s a preview.

Melges RIB 625C
Melges RIB 625C

Melges RIB 625C – The Project

Assisting and following athletes in regattas is not, exactly, always a walk in the park. The many and varied marine weather conditions, which are also often difficult to manage, are to be taken into account, and both the towing capacity of the RIB and the peak speed, which is never more crucial than now, not only for emergency response, but also just to be able to follow and keep up with “behemoths” such as skiffs and foiling hulls, must be considered at the same time. At the same time, visibility, maneuverability and responsiveness are critical, both to avoid collisions on the crowded race courses and to safely approach boats and athletes. And it is with these considerations in mind that RIB 625 comes to life.

RIB 625C

Hull and performance

The design starts from the main point: the hull. The Melges RIB 625C adopts a hull with a deep V-shaped vertical bow, ending instead in an inverted bell-shaped transom to provide maximum stability and the best passage over the wave, even at high speeds.

Melges RIB 625C

The 625C’s hull configuration and weights are designed to keep the bow low on the water at all stages, both in glide and displacement. This is critical to ensure the best possible visibility for the driver, avoiding blind spots and improving stability and control accuracy.

In terms of motorization, a 115-horsepower outboard provides top speeds of 42 knots, which is essential for emergency response use and to be properly used as a chase boat even for the fastest classes. The tank offers a capacity of 68 liters.

Layout and tubulars of the 6-meter inflatable boat

The tubular is specially designed to have no protrusions or steps whatsoever, an important detail because it creates no problems in interactions with hulls, whether these are racing monohulls, skiffs (they have wing platforms) or the more delicate foils.

Melges RIB 625C
Melges RIB 625C

Shifting attention instead to the layout, the center console is advanced beyond the center of the boat both to improve trim, managing weight distribution, and to improve driver visibility. In front of this, a recessed bench seat provides forward seating, while, both serving the wheelhouse and behind it, two “saddle” seats accommodate helmsman and eventual crew in an elevated position.

The new RIB 625C in an overhead view

Both offer a backrest. Finally, between the seats and the tubulars, as well as at the bow and stern, the 2.5-meter beam leaves enough room to accommodate both the necessary equipment and boards, kites et similia. Finally, the foam dunnage (EVA-Foam) provides soft, non-slip support, with the added value of not ruining any delicate equipment.

Melges RIB 625C – Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 6.25 m
Baglio Massimo (BMX) 2.5 m
Maximum Motorization 115 hp
Maximum Speed 42 kn
Fuel Tank 68 lt.
Boardable passengers 8
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