Rib boat, 10 unmissable from 7 to 15 meters in 2020


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How often the sea is associated with an idea of freedom and leisure? For all passionate recreational boaters, this can only be true, especially if the boat involved is that of their dreams. Among the many possibilities offered by the boating world, there is a type of boat that is becoming increasingly more popular: RIB. Whether it is 5 or 15 meters long, little changes. There is a RIB boat for all nautical approaches, for all tastes, and, above all, for all budgets. In other words, there is a RIB for everyone.

Originally born as work vessels (or in any case for very practical use), RIBs have managed to change shape and evolve, embracing an even more sophisticated audience looking for something practical, powerful, and comfortable.
What most of the Ribs (rigid inflatable boats) have in common is a performing hull, even when the overall design is that of a pure cruiser. Of course, they are not all the same. Today, in fact, many types of inflatable boats coexist on the market.

Rib boat, 10 models not to be missed from 7 to 15 meters in 2020

Let’s start with an essential premise. Tubulars are the main element of a RIB and have two main functions depending on the RIB type.
The first is to stabilize the boat, especially at anchor. In this respect, the tubular is an integral part of the hull with all the positive aspects that derive from this. The disadvantage is greater friction at sea. On the contrary, a higher tubular allows having a more agile and faster RIB, but less stable at anchor. There would be a lot more to say, but this is enough for the moment. It is not uncommon to see RIBs with tubular immersed, for example, only in the stern part of the boat or cases where a dinghy stern corresponds to a real boat bow.


In recent years, Sacs has consacrated more and more attention to Maxi Ribs. The new Strider 15 is the answer to this new trend: featuring a completely new hull, a re-designed deck and stylish details. Designed by Italian designer Christian Grande, she offers a large sun deck in the stern and a spacious cockpit under the T-Top. Highlights include refined design with air intakes underlined by led lights, articulated lines and an aggressive look also confirmed by the installable propulsion: up to 1104 KW (about 1500 HP). The boat (with outboard, sterndrive or inboard propulsion), can reach a top speed of 42 knots of speed.

LOA: 14.97 m – B.max: 4.87 m – Max. Engine: 1480 hp – sacsmarine.it 

Sacs Strider 15


It is the largest RIB ever built by Nuova Jolly. The Bussero-based shipyard responds to the “big inflatable boats” trend (with outboard engines, but not only) with the latest addition to the range: the Nuova Jolly Prince 50. 15 meters long and 4.54 meters wide, it’s the flagship of the fleet. This first model is powered by a Yamaha V8 425 XTO Offshore quadruple outboard – combined with the Helm Master steering joystick system
for easier manoeuvring. Designed by Luca Macchi, the deck houses a dinette in the bow and an electrically-adjustable folding table. In the cockpit, the Prince 50 has two large walkways that envelop the sundeck

LOA: 15 m; B.max: 4.54; Max. Engine: 4×475 hp outboards; nuovajollymarine.com

Nuova Jolly Prince 50
Nuova Jolly Prince 50


The elegance of the dolphin, the speed of a RIB. That’s Anvera 48, the RIB that, designed by Aldo Drudi, combines nature-inspired suggestions with the most advanced technologies currently available on the market. The result is a carbon-fiber, lightweight and fuel- efficient crossover. The folding bulwarks in the stern allow to have additional space on board. The 19-square-meter beach area and the 3.5-meter sundeck are some of the most distinctive elements of the boat. Below deck, a large master cabin is perfect to enjoy long-range cruising.

LOA: 14.50 m – B.max: 4.91 m – 5.51 m – Max. Engine: 2 x 550 hp; www.anvera.it

Anvera 48
Anvera 48



This boat – with hull length under 10 meters – is one of the most successful models made by Scanner. With the addition of the hardtop to make it more suitable for cruising, it straddles a boat for longer navigation and a pure “runner”, motorized up to 750 horsepower. The design has been developed by Montemitro Design, which confirms its important knowledge of the world of rib and its features. The deck is the highlight: the great outdoor livability, a beautiful aft sundeck with a small beach that facilitates access to water, ideal for those who go out to sea with family and friends. We were saying that it is also suitable for the weekend out. Below deck, there is a cabin where you can spend the night.

Loa: 11.00 m – B.max: 3.60 m – Engine: up to 2×375 hp – www.scanner-marine.com 

Scanner Envy 1100


Granturismo 12.0 is the cruising RIB by Lomac, refined in design and with waterlines signed by Federico Fiorentino, designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement on board. The forward area is completely open and includes a sundeck that can be transformed into a dining table.

LOA: 11.7 m – B.max: 3.54 – Max. Engine: 900 hp – www.lomac.it

Lomac Granturismo 12.0
Lomac Granturismo 12.0


The Adrenalina 10.5 is the flagship of the line designed by Federico Fiorentino. Made with infused vinyl ester resin and neopentyl gelcoat, it is a lightweight yet sturdy boat designed to reach a maximum speed of 50 knots. The cabin, with a double bed and toilet, makes it suitable for spending weekends.

LOA: 9.62 m – Max Beam: 3.50 – Max. Engine: 600 hp – www.lomac.it

Lomac Adrenalina 10.5
Lomac Adrenalina 10.5

New Lomac ribs


The Clubman 28 is one of the most successful models proposed by Joker, a shipyard specialized in the manufacture of RIBS and with a long tradition in the sector. The secret of such success lies in an excellent quality/price and comfort ratio. Easy to manage and steer, it features a functional layout and many large spaces. When it is hot, passengers can enjoy the easy-to-install awning that protects both the stern platform and part of the console. Maximum power can reach 500 HP for really exciting performance at sea. The enveloping cockpit, with high seat backrests, makes the boat particularly suitable for your family excursions.

LOA: 8.50 m – B.max: 3.15 – Engine: up to 500 hp outboard – www.jokerboat.it

Joker Clubman 28
Joker Clubman 28


This RIB is the best-seller of Zodiac. Versatile and innovative, it has already gained significant success on the market. The stern modular lounge can accommodate up to 6 guests (not bad for a 7-meter RIB) in total comfort. Furthermore, passengers can benefit from numerous storage compartments and easy circulation throughout the boat. Available with engine options of up to 300HP, the boat guarantees excellent seaworthiness and comfort at sea.

LOA: 7.34 m – B.max: 2.9 m – Max. Engine: 300 hp – www.zodiac-nautic.com/it


Zodiac Medline 7.5
Zodiac Medline 7.5


The new RIB by Ranieri International is a sporty center console, ideal to spend a whole day at sea in total comfort. What’s the secret of this boat? Its versatile layout. The central area consists of a large steering console with enveloping windscreen. The helm station gives access to a space below deck that can be used as a dressing room/toilet, with many storage compartments all around. A drop-down seat can be installed on demand in the aft dinette. What about the performance? Fitted with a Suzuki 200HP, the boat sails at 22 knots. The tubulars, with the dinghy stopped, rest in the water avoiding the roll.

LOA: 8.60 m – B.max: 3.20 – Max. Engine: 500 hp; www.ranieri-international.com

Ranieri International Cayman 27.0 Trofeo
Ranieri International Cayman 27.0 Trofeo

Ranieri international Rib


The Tempest 700 is one of best-selling inflatables in the history of the shipyard. Easy-to- steer and well-powered, it’s a good day cruiser.

Tempest 700 – LOA: 7.35 – B.Max: 2.86 m – Engine: up to 225 hp; www.cantiericapelli.com


Capelli Tempest 700
Capelli Tempest 700


Fitted with Yamaha F40G Supreme propulsion, the Tempest 600, instead, is an even more powerful RIB, perfect for anyone looking for an exciting performance at sea without sacrificing elegant finishes, details, and accessories onboard. The combination of quality materials, two-color tubular and refined cushions is the result of an attentive study by Umberto Capelli. In fact, the boat has received the same attention as the maxi ribs.

Tempest 600 – LOA: 5.92; B.Max: 2.50 m – Engine: up to 140 hp; www.cantiericapelli.com


Capelli Tempest 600
Capelli Tempest 600


Originally designed as a professional RIB, the new 850 HD Pro offers unparalleled spacious volumes on board, great sturdiness and many custom solutions to better meet the owner’s needs. Unique in design, this boat leaves nothing to chance and pays special attention to the arrangement of the spaces, with special focus to storage compartments. The Marlin 850 HD Pro is equally available in a “GT” recreational version, with bow and stern sundeck and hard top. The boat can also be used as a tender without sacrificing its extraordinary sturdiness features.

LOA: 8.50 m; B.max: 3.18 m; Engine: up to 500 hp; www.marlinboat.it

Marlin 850 HD PRO
Marlin 850 HD PRO




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