Rigid hull tender: 4 perfect solutions for your boat


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If you are looking for a rigid keel boat that lends itself to a variety of uses, we show you four unique and original models. Whether you’re looking for a lancet for fishing or a reliable small rigid tender, you’ll find the right opportunity for you by browsing Verga-Plast ‘s booth at Milan Yachting Week.


Verga-Plast’s Coral range: transparent & green

Within the Coral range, the most interesting models produced by Verga-Plast are the
Coral Life 250
and the Coral View 250. They are both displacement round-hulled hulls, not exceeding 2.5 meters in length and 40 kilograms in weight. The width of the small boat, 1 meter and 27 centimeters, allows for two small bench seats so that two people can be seated comfortably on board. Propulsion is delegated to the pair of oars (included) or to the electric, a short-stemmed motor with maximum power of 2.90 kW (3.9 Hp). What differentiates these two tenders? The
Coral Life 250
is the first thermoformed boat made of recycled (and 100% recyclable) plastic, while the
Coral View 250
is made from a transparent polycarbonate!

The perfect tender for fishing enthusiasts

As transparent as its big sister Coral View 250, the
Tender 220
is the ideal solution for those seeking minimal weight and a small footprint. This tender weighs just 29 kilograms and is 2.20 meters long, and on board we also find two benches here that span the meter and 20 centimeters wide. The hull has a catamaran hull that allows forexceptional stability even when sailing with two people on board. The latest model is the Tender 245, an impact-resistant single-shell hull designed especially for those who want to use it for fishing. The hull is the same as the Tender 220T, but the extra inches allow it to accommodate a small livewell on board, for example.

To purchase the tenders or request information click here

If you are interested in purchasing any of the models we have shown, or would like to ask the people who make them for information, click here. Enter Verga-Plast ‘s booth at Milano Yachting Week and fill out the email form entering all your requests.



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