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Foto di Michel deRuijter 2014

Photo by Michel deRuijter 2014

Photo by Michel deRuijter 2014

Yacht, French Riviera, 1950s. Now imagine yourself on the calm sea in summer with a white linen shirt, glasses and that’s it. Now a question. What boat did you think? Clearly a Riva. If you too are in love with these yachts we have good news. Via, a Riva ’58 Triton perfectly restored, is at auction. Where? On May 25th at Villa Erba – to understand that of George Clooney’s advertisements – on Lake Como there will be an auction, organized by RM Sotheby, auction house mainly automotive, but not only.

The story of the Riva Triton Via

Via is not just any Triton Riva (as if they were just any boats). At the beginning of 1958, Carlo Riva received a special order for a couple of Tritons from a wealthy Milanese textile manufacturer, Mr Gianoglio. A close relative of Prince Rainier III, the reigning prince of Monaco, Mr. Gianoglio wanted to give the prince a Triton, as a demonstration of his admiration and gratitude. Thus, the hull no. 62, Via, was born.

Photo by Michel deRuijter 2014

Photo by Michel deRuijter 2014

Ernamented with red and white stripes, the colours of the Principality, it was powered by two Chris-Craft MCL engines, six-cylinder 5.5-litre engines and six-cylinder 175 hp each at 3400 rpm, both equipped with the automatic diverter called “Chris-O-Matic”, launched at a time when the automatic push-button gearbox fascinated the American automotive industry.

Habituée of the waters of the Principality, Via then became the yacht of the young family that was formed after his marriage in 1956 with Princess Grace and was also the flagship of the prince, in line with the label and naval protocol, with the flag of Monaco and the personal flag of the prince.

Andrea Piva Photo 2019

Andrea Piva Photo 2019

After Street, a Junior Riva

Principe Ranieri III eventually replaced his Triton with a smaller Junior Riva, used for short trips and water skiing with Princess Grace and their children. However, Via remained in its home port, always kept from Riva to Monaco under the long-term care of its second owner.

And today?

Some years ago, after deciding to return the faded boat to its original condition, a previous owner entrusted Via to a well-known Dutch specialist. The restoration lasted for several years, bringing the Triton back to its original specifications, including both original engines, which were completely rebuilt and restored. The latest technology has made it possible to rebuild the famous Chris-O-Matic transmission more reliably. In 2014, the boat, now fully restored, was purchased by its current owner and returned to the port of Munich, where it was regularly cared for by Monaco Boat Service and remains ready for use and fun in a flash.

Boat technical sheet: Riva Tritone

  • Length: 7.94 m
  • Width: 2.62
  • Motorisation: 2xChris-Craft MCL
  • Weight:2680 Kg

FOTO DI Andrea Piva ©2019 | Michel deRuijter ©2014

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