Riva’s first electric motorboat flies at 40 knots


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Riva El-Iseo – Sailing

El-Iseo is called the first step of the historic Riva powerboat brand into the electric world. We had to wait a while, but in the end the result looks like a truly innovative vessel and a unique case in the E-Luxury segment. In fact, the shipyard’s main effort was to keep the distinctive stylistic features of Riva boats intact but implementing the novelty of electric motors for propulsion.

Just to maintain the link with the shipyard’s other models, the design of the new Riva El-Iseo was entrusted to the team of Officina Italiana Design (led by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta), which worked in synergy with the Strategic Product Committee, under the leadership of engineer Piero Ferrari, and the Engineering Department of the Ferretti Group.

A truly powerful propulsion system

The starting point for the new electric model is the historic Riva Iseo, but in this boat the more traditional design-as exemplified by the use of fine woods for the deck and deck-and ultra-modern elements coexist, first and foremost the electric propulsion, but not only.

Riva El-Iseo - From the top
Riva El-Iseo – From the top

Riva relied on Parker Hannifin, a leading multinational developer of handling and control technologies and also a partner of the American Magic team in the America’s Cup, to build the electric-powered facility. On board the Riva El-Iseo we find a Parker GVM310 full-electric motor that has a peak power of 250-350 kW, capable of propelling the first electric Riva to a maximum (self-limited) speed of 40 knots. The cruising speed is 25 knots, and of course, as with electric cars, the acceleration curve is much higher than that of a motorboat with a conventional endothermic engine. Stabilization aboard the Riva El-Iseo is provided by the Interceptor Zipwake trim corrector system, and the boat’s engine regulating stern foot is also equipped with autotrim.

bow view
Riva El-Iseo – Bow

Powering the engine are energy-dense lithium batteries supplied by Podium Advanced Technologies, which are the beating heart of the Riva El-Iseo’s electrical system. Lightweight, efficient, and highly durable, these batteries with 150 kWh capacity and 800 V voltage offer exceptional range and fast recharge times, enabling the powerboat to cruise at up to 80 percent of its capacity in as little as 75 minutes thanks to fast charging. In addition, the intelligent design of the battery system ensures maximum safety on board, with careful leakage protection and advanced thermal insulation (the batteries are watertight and liquid-cooled) to prevent any risk.

Autonomy of the Riva El-Iseo

The cruising modes of the Riva El-Iseo take inspiration from classical music and reflect the brand’s focus on efficiency and performance. The “Adagio,” which is that ECO, optimizes performance by reducing maximum speed to 5 knots and limiting acceleration, providing exceptional autonomy up to 10 hours of navigation. “Andante” offers sailing more like traditional motor yachts, with a maximum speed of 25 knots while “Cheerful“, the sports mode, unlocks the full potential of the electric motor, allowing the Riva El-Iseo to reach a maximum speed of 40 knots With exciting acceleration.

To maximally preserve battery life, when the remaining charge drops to 20% (equivalent to about 10 nautical miles of range), the Riva El-Iseo automatically activates the“Adagio” sailing mode.

Super-equipped dashboard

The dashboard of the Riva El-Iseo is a concentration of advanced technology, with two multifunction touch-screen displays that control all information related to navigation and on-board systems. A 9- or 12-inch Simrad chartplotter and a 12-inch Böning screen that provides details on battery status and cruising modes. Thanks to the Xenta-designed and integrated steering system, control of the boat is precise and intuitive.

Riva El-Iseo – Data Sheet

Riva El-Iseo - Flatbed
Riva El-Iseo – Flatbed
Length Over All / LWL 8.35 m / 7.1
Maximum width 2.5 m
Displacement empty/full load 3,750 / 4,360 kg
People 6
Motorization Parker GVM310
Maximum speed 40 kn
Cruising speed 25 kn
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