Sacs Strider 15, a new maxi rib for true rib’s lovers

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28 January 2020
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sacs strider 15

Among the previews of the Düsseldorf Boat Show 2020 there was also the completely renewed version of the Sacs Strider 15. “For a matter of continuity – explains Andrea Loro, Sales and After Sales director – this raft is still called Strider 15, but compared to the previous model it is completely different”.

Sacs Strider 15, the big rib for real rib’s lovers

New hull, new deck and stylish details in this new maxi rib designed for those who love this kind of boat. The success around the new version of this water purebred (and progenitor of the Strider range which goes from 7 to 20 meters) is evident with already several units sold all over the world. From superyacht owners to rib lovers who want a bigger model, a lot of people has fallen in love to the latest addition from the studio Christian Grande, who is responsible for the styling project.

A refined design with air intakes underlined by led lights, articulated lines, and an aggressive look also confirmed by the installable motorization: up to 1104 KW (about 1500 hp). The boat, already in the basic motorization (outboard, inboard, and inboard with surface propellers), can reach 42 knots of speed.



There is certainly no shortage of space on the aft sundeck or in the large cockpit below the T-Top. Despite its 15 metres in length, this mega rib is still more suitable for daily use than long cruises. Below deck, however, there is a comfortable space if you want to spend a night out.

The bow forehand, more accentuated than before, characterizes the new sports hulls by Sacs, lengthening the waterline and improving performance. The new hardtop floats on the cockpit. The tubular taper towards the bow increasing the thrust of the side view.


Technical specifications: Sacs Strider 15

  • Length F.T.: 14.97 mt / 14.75 (OB)
  • Length of homologation: 14.20 mt
  • Width overall: 4.87 mt
  • Width in deflated tubular: 3,98 mt
  • Fishing: 0,80 mt
  • Number of compartments: 11
  • Weight with standard motors: 9.5 t.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1050 lt.
  • Water tank capacity: 230 lt
  • Maximum installable power: 1104 kW
  • Max speed with basic motorization: 42 knots
  • Available in outboard, inboard, inboard version with surface propeller.
  • Category of certification: CE – B
  • People: 16
  • Berth: 4
  • Project: SACS
  • Design: Christian Grande Design Works


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