Sacs Tecnorib Spa: Italian Maxi RIBs target the global market


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Sacs Tecnorib
Sacs Tecnorib

As we have already seen many times, Italian inflatables are among the most sought-after and appreciated in the world. Sacs and Tecnorib (licensee of the Pirelli brand) have been on the crest of a wave for some time now, so much so that overall for the current nautical year the two companies will exceed 45 million euro. Now these two companies have decided to join forces with the newly formed Sacs Tecnorib Spa.

How can they consolidate further and create a basis for further growth? With a “corporate integration of an industrial nature”, reads the press release of the newborn company, which goes on to say that “its main objective is to consolidate the strong growth achieved in recent years and to strengthen its presence on international markets.”

The press release goes on to say that “the main objective of the new company is to consolidate the strong growth it has achieved in recent years and to strengthen its presence on international markets.” “In figures, the new company is a world leader in the production of Maxi Ribs and one of the main players on the Italian nautical scene, with a turnover expected to exceed 45 million Euros in the current nautical year.

Sacs Tecnorib Spa

As happened in the automotive world with the newly formed Stellantis, in today’s market leaders are merging to create even stronger and more solid groups. Such is the case with the new Sacs Tecnorib Spa. The two companies, Tecnorib and Sacs, will therefore share a common vision of market growth and will be able to count on the sharing of invaluable know-how:

Sacs and TecnoRib“, explains Giovanni De Bonis, CEO of Sacs Tecnorib, “will integrate their skills, while maintaining distinct and complementary product ranges. Synergies will be achieved in the production sites, the design and production processes and the research and development area. The commercial brands, as well as the respective sales networks, will remain separate.”

So the Sacs range, as well as the Tecnorib range, will remain on the market as two separate brands. In the official note released it is stated that “Sacs Tecnorib is set to become the new reference in the wider luxury boat sector.”

The aim, therefore, is to lay the foundations for structured joint growth. This will benefit research and development, which will further enhance the product range.



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