Safety Tender 6.0, the catamaran that triples the space on board


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Safety Tender 6.0
Veleria San Giorgio – Safety Tender 6.0

Safety Tender 6.0 from Veleria San Giorgio, is the new“catamaran tender” that revolutionizes the world of inflatable cruising landings and, in fact, triples the space on board compared to a classic inflatable boat of the same size. At 2.5 meters long, it is approved to transport as many as six people. Veleria San Giorgio, a historic company in Genoa known for producing life jackets, presented it as a novelty at the 62nd International Boat Show. Now Safety Tender 6.0 is available on the market.

Safety Tender 6.0 by Veleria San Giorgio

It is called Safety Tender 6.0 because the design with the open bow makes it easy to climb aboard and facilitates the eventual rescue of those at sea. From the beach or dock, boarding or disembarking is super easy even for children or when you have heavy loads.

Who is it meant for?
The central 1.8-meter-square platform is spacious and can accommodate up to six people. The catamaran structure, then, makes it stable and fast on the water because of the two hulls. When not browsing, you can disassemble the two seating benches aluminum and the trampoline becomes a platform upon which lie down sunbathing.It is therefore ideal for short trips along the coast, landings, and transfers from the boat in calm or shallow seas, rowing or with outboards up to 4.4 horsepower.

Safety Tender 6.0: how much space it takes up

This “catamaran tender” from Veleria San Giorgio is 2.50 m long, 1.65 m wide, and weighs 48 kg. Approved 2013/53/EU CE0474 category D, as we said before, it is suitable for transporting 6 people or a maximum load of 550kg . When deflated and folded, it has dimensions of 135x50x35cm. With a foot pump, it is ready to sail in 10 minutes, which clearly becomes less if it is inflated with an electric pump.

Safety Tender 6.0 top view

How it is constructed. Safety Tender 6.0 consists of 2 PVC tubes 40 cm in diameter, equipped with inflatable stabilizing fins. The tubulars are connected together by a high-pressure drop-stitch inflatable trampoline, to which an aluminum bench is added to make the structure even more rigid. Thus, in total there are 4+3 inner tubes. The working pressure of the tubulars is 0.25 Bar. Inflation valves are standard bayonet type with hold and deflate button.

The transom is made of rigid plastic and has a drain plug. On the deck we find, in addition to the screw scales with rotary joint, four inner handles at the top, and four outer handles. Also added to these are four steel rings for carrying the tender on deck. On the sides of the tubulars is a black protective coping.


Safety Tender 6.0 can be powered by an outboard up to 4.4hp short-stemmed, with a maximum weight of 30 kg. Given the low resistance on water, an electric outboard can also work just fine.

Safety Tender 6.0 at sea

Special accessories

Safety Tender 6.0 has two special accessories, available as options, matching the colors and logo. The unmissable safety storage bag, to be installed under the center bench, priced at 84 € including VAT, and the optional 150N Aribag Slim self-inflating life belts for the crew, at 139 €. A custom-made protective cover is also available as an accessory.

Safety Tender 6.0 – Price

The price is Safety Tender 6.0 from Veleria San Giorgio is 2100 €. What does it have as standard? Standard comes with oars, owner’s manual, inflation pump, carry bag and repair kit.


Technical specs

  • Overall length: 2.5 m
  • Max Beam: 1.65 m
  • Height: 0.56 m
  • Dimensions when deflated: 135x50x35cm
  • Weight: 48Kg
  • Capacity: 6 Persons or 550Kg max.
  • CE cat. D – Approved 2013/53/EU CE0474
  • Motorization: max 4.4 horsepower – short shank – max 30Kg.
  • Optional Impermable bag: 84Euro,
  • Airbag Slim 150N jackets: 139 Euro.
  • Standard price : 2100 Euro

For more information discover the product here



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