Sailing emergencies, 8 accessories you should always have on board

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Here’s what you need to prevent and manage critical situations on a boat, because you can never be too safe. Small tricks that can become essential in emergency and unforeseen situations. Simple, ingenious, indispensable.

8 accessories for sailing emergencies


First aid bag / Tab D

Mandatory for pleasure boating beyond 12 miles, the watertight first aid bag is made in accordance with Ministerial Decree 1/10/2015 in force since 18/01/2016. The bag is the new alternative to the briefcase: easily stowed, transportable, convenient and economical.

First aid bag Tabella D


Dr Sails

A two-component, epoxy-based adhesive ideal for all types of fast, immediate and safe repairs on board. Its use is dedicated to repairs of sails and materials such as metals, wood, composites and plastics. It dries in about 20 minutes and holds 200 kg/cm2.

Dr Sails


Plastimo / Plugs cones

The classic wooden plugs cones for use as emergency stoppers that should never be missing on board. These, produced by Plastimo, are made of wood and are available in kits covering various sizes.

Plugs cones


Maus / Potassium extinguisher

Compact and safe and weighing only 480 grams, the MAUS Aerosol Fire Extinguisher provides extinguishing capabilities comparable to those of a traditional 2 kilogram fire extinguisher (9 – 10 seconds of use). RINA-certified (CSST 9203) and CE-certified as a recreational boat extinguisher, it is approved as emergency equipment.

Estintore al potassio


Odeo Flare / Laser flares

The first hand-held signal fire using laser technology that avoids the risk of burns. Guaranteed to last 5 hours.

Laser flares


Raw Pro / Front lamp

Exposure Light’s RAW Pro is a headlamp specifically designed to combat the effects of the marine environment. Waterproof to 2 metres underwater, it features a strobe visible from miles away.

Front lamp



Intakes and valves can do some serious damage if they break while underway. If you need to carry out an emergency repair at sea, you can use the handy Seabung. This is a flexible rubber rod “Made in England” to be inserted into the pipes, which has an “umbrella” at its end that seals the socket and prevents water from entering.



CruzPro / Gas detector GD20

Economical gas detector complete with remote sensor capable of detecting fuel vapours: sends an alarm when the vapours exceed 25% of the concentration required for an explosion. The alarm continues to sound as long as the concentration level is dangerous.

Gas detector GD20


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