Saim and Quick team up: coming soon, “made in Italy” maneuvering propellers


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QSR100 QS Seamaster
QSR100 by QS Seamaster


The first range of “made in Italy” maneuvering propellers is coming, it is called QS Seamaster (! This product comes from the agreement signed between SAIM Spa and Quick Spa. A new line of thrusters under the new QS Seamaster brand will then be exclusively distributed by SAIM Marine.

QS Seamaster: from Saim and Quick the “made in Italy” maneuvering propellers

QS Seamaster was created to specifications by SAIM, which has been in the business of designing, distributing, and servicing products and systems in the marine industry for more than 30 years. This was joined by the manufacturing technology of Quick Spa, a top company in the production of nautical accessories and onboard technical systems. It will be marketed globally by SAIM Marine, the marine division of the SAIM Group. After-sales quality is also guaranteed with the 90 service dealers distributed on the coasts of Italy and also with Quick Spa’s worldwide network.

QS Seamaster, a range all made in Italy

The new thruster line, designed, supplied and distributed by SAIM Marine and manufactured by Quick Spa, is 100 percent made in Italy. From the smallest boats to super yachts, QS Seamaster is suitable for the needs of all types of boats.

QS Seamaster includes DC electric, AC, DC-AC brushless, hydraulic, tunnel-mounted or retractable maneuvering propellers, from 40 to 1100 kg thrust, on/off or proportional, with analog or digital controls.

QS Seamaster: maneuvering propellers in detail

All models are built with high-strength components that provide a lifetime guarantee of a perfect bronze foot oil seal, designed with a hydrodynamic profile capable of minimizing turbulence, maximizing efficiency, and reducing noise. The propellers, made of composite material or NiBrAl alloy, are 4- and 5-bladed.

A control system equipped with a microprocessor takes preventive action if the motor overheats. This way the use of the thruster does not suddenly stop. The aluminum anode protection of the assembly is easily replaced, while the elastic spline coupling protects it from mechanical shocks.

All QS Seamaster thruster lines

QS line of DC electric models: 8 to 30 meters

  • includes thrust thrusters from 40 to 300 kgf, with powers from 2.2 to 15 kW, voltage from 12 to 48 V, with single or double counter-rotating propeller for models with power greater than 4 kW, suitable for boats from 8 to 30 m. All models are ON/OFF or proportional control. ON/OFF models can be later converted to proportional in either analog or digital versions with CAN-BUS protocol.

QSA with three-phase AC electric motor: 18 to 50 meters

  • includes models with thrust from 240 to 1100 kgf, with power ratings from 15 to 75 kW, with double counter-rotating propeller, in composite or NiBrAl alloy, starting from the 300 kg thrust size. Suitable for boats from 18 to 50 m, they have proportional controls as standard.

QSB DC-AC brushless: 12 to 30 meters

  • the most advanced 12/24/48V thruster technology. Efficient, with low operating consumption, quiet operation and minimal maintenance. The 3 models with thrust from 105 to 300 kg, with double counter-rotating propeller, are suitable for boats from 12 to 30 m. They are proportional as standard, with analog or digital controls.

Hydraulic QSH: 10 to 45 meters

  • with thrust from 105 to 1100 Kgf, power from 8 to 60 kW, double counter-rotating propeller made of composite or NiBrAl alloy starting from models with 400 Kg thrust, designed for medium and large boats. From 10 to 45 m, they are proportional as standard, with digital control that can be integrated with other systems.

QSR retractable thrusters: 10 to 25 meters

QSR retractable thrusters can be either DC electric in ON/OFF configuration or hydraulic. They include four models with thrust from 80 to 240 kgf, power ratings from 4.5 to 10 kW, 12 or 24V voltage. They feature double counter-rotating propellers and are suitable for boats from 10 to 25 meters, especially sailboats.

Seamaster Controls

QS Seamaster offers a very interesting set of control panels. ON/OFF analog touch or joystick, analog proportional for stand-alone installations and digital proportional for multi-station installations, also can be integrated with third parties, designed and tested to withstand a wide variety of environmental and climatic conditions.

All thrusters have protections against reverse polarity, output short-circuit, prolonged thruster activity, and interruption of control wiring.


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