The Team Italia dashboard of the new Sanlorenzo Attila looks like a spaceship


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sanlorenzo dashboard team italiaAll right, we’re talking about a new 64-meter Sanlorenzo, so the technology onboard is certainly not lacking. But onboard the Sanlorenzo 64 Steel Attila there is not just a common dashboard, but one made by Team Italia, specialized in electronics and integrated dashboards for mega and maxi yachts. (THE 25 GREATEST SUPERYACHT IN THE WORLD)

Sanlorenzo Attila and the spaceship dashboard by Team Italia

The dashboard of the Sanlorenzo 64 Steel Attila is called I-Bridge and allows you to integrate onboard all controls and functions. Developed by Team Italia it includes both a head-up display (better known as HUD), transparent 55′. The Head-Up Display solution allows the navigation information to be reported by the instruments to the transparent display, making it easier for the captain to consult the necessary data without shifting his attention from the boat. There is also an I-Chart, a digital display map made by Team Italia.

sanlorenzo dashboard team italia

The transparent display overlaps the actual navigation scene (i.e. exactly what is in front of you at sea and what you see from the dashboard). So if you continue to see the horizon or what’s in front of you, you’ll also have main information such as route, waypoints, AIS and ARPA targets, as well as other useful data. Unlike augmented reality systems, where the data is superimposed on the image of a camera, the HUD solution allows you to view the data in transparency without losing sight of the real scenario from the windows of the boat.

I-Bridge, representing one of the most technologically advanced systems, combines the usability of control interfaces with simplified management of on-board systems, also thanks to the integration of monitoring systems developed by Onyx Marine Automation. Following a distributed electronics architecture, the company has been able to free up space by exploiting lighter designs, while always guaranteeing maximum safety on board.


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