Schenker ZEN Twin: reliable, 200- and 300-liter-hour desalinators in pairs


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Schenker ZEN Twin

One of the great limitations of navigation, especially off-shore, is water, and desalinators have undoubtedly been a great revolution for all boaters. Schenker, a leading manufacturer of high-quality desalinators since 1998, now introduces a new addition to the range with the brand-new ZEN Twin 200 and 300 models, available in 200- and 300-liter-hour flow rates.

Schenker ZEN Twin 200 and 300

Operating on an energy recovery system, the new 200- and 300-liter-hour ZEN Twin desalinators consist of two independent desalinators joined within a single frame while also operating simultaneously in order to maximize production. Controlled remotely through a single touch panel, they thus offer two types of freshwater production: one, in pairs, maximizes results, while single operation is more economical on the energy front, and safer in case of malfunction or maintenance of either.

Schenker ZEN Twin – Control Panel

Schenker ZEN Twin 200 and 300

Through a system redundancy system, the new ZEN Twins thus offer increased reliability from the existing backup per se in the pair design, while also implementing a not inconsiderable flexibility of use, both in terms of production and consumption. Also at this juncture, to maximize the effort just seen, the pair can also operate on different power supplies, having, for example, one desalinator powered at 110 or 230 volts, and the other powered at 12/24 volts, directly from the batteries.

Schenker ZEN Twin

A design that is thus extremely attentive to the different needs that may arise at sea, and which aims to cater for vessels of significant size. Designed for long sailing or charter activities, it requires minimal attention, optimizing fuel consumption and output, making it particularly promising also because of the extreme attention paid to reliability that it inherently carries.


Schenker ZEN Twin – Data Sheet

Data Sheet Schenker ZEN Twin 200 Schenker ZEN Twin 300
Capacity: 200 L/h 300 L/h
Power Supply Electr. 12-24 VDC or 110/230V AC 24 VDC or 110/230 VAC
Electricity consumption: 800 watts 1.2 kWatt
Weight: 100 kg 120 kg
Membranes: No. 2 4″ x 21″ No. 2 4″ x 21″


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