Sciallino 23 Hybrid (8 m), so the classic boat becomes hybrid (and sustainable)


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Sciallino 23 Hybrid - Seen from the bow
Sciallino 23 Hybrid – Seen from the bow

With the Sciallino 23 Hybrid, the Ligurian shipyard has decided to take a decisive step toward a green turn. Keeps classic lines the new fisherman by
, but in the hybrid version it becomes an advantageous alternative for lakes and areas barred to endothermic engines. And it is only the first in the range!

Sciallino 23 Hybrid – The green vault of the Ligurian shipyard

When it comes to classic lines, Sciallino is an institution. To make a comparison with land vehicles, we could call it the “moto Guzzi” of the sea, that idea of reliability and ancient roots, but also the ability to evolve and resist the passage of time and fashion. The classic that does not betray, in short, but reflects a whole set of values that a certain type of user is deeply attached to. In either case you are unlikely to hear someone say “I have a boat” or “I have a motorcycle.” They will tell you “I have a Guzzi” or, indeed, “a Sciallino.” In the marine case, we see this shipyard becoming a pioneer in new technologies, demonstrating a sensitivity that is by no means taken for granted on environmental issues. Not everyone knows, in fact, that back in 2011 Sciallino launched a hybrid model in Japan, a project that is now being followed up with the birth of the new Sciallino 23 Hybrid, with the first example delivered to Lake Garda last spring.

Sciallino 23 Hybrid - Seen from the bow
Sciallino 23 Hybrid – Seen from the bow

“It is not only this model,” explains Gianarnaldo Moreno, who, with his sister Benedetta, represents the second generation of the Moreno family now also leading the Sciallino brand, taken over in 2015, “but the whole range that can be hybrid. We can say that if we have managed to fit the whole hybrid package, which is more cumbersome than a simple heat engine on the 23, with the others the road is already traced and downhill.” To make a unit 100 percent sustainable there is a long way to go, not only in terms of emissions, but also in terms of the supply chain. This is too broad a discussion and would take us off-topic. Certainly, however, a boat is more sustainable if its production tries, as much as possible, to limit its impact on the world. In this sense, the facilities where Sciallino hulls are built have been equipped with a photovoltaic system for 10 years already, and this alone covers most of the energy needs. A major investment that demonstrates a deep sensitivity of the company and the people who lead it, which was also confirmed by the recent purchase of a new shed to expand production. These are not only logistical needs, but also a guarantee of more attention for the collaborators, who will have larger spaces in which to best work on each boat, a key factor for a small- to medium-sized boutique boatyard that devotes a lot of attention to each project.

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Hybrid power supply but traditional design

Returning to the classic that embraces sustainability, the launch of the new Sciallino 23, the smallest of the brand’s cabin cruisers, closes the circle today-or, rather, opens a new strand. The new version combines the solidity and elegance of Ligurian boats with the advantages of electric and makes it suitable for sailing on lakes or, in general, in areas where endothermics are prohibited. In addition, the two motors, diesel and electric, can run synchronously to provide an extra peak of power. At the technical level on the Sciallino 23 Hybrid was installed a 115-horsepower Nanni diesel No. 4 with ZF45A inverter combined with an SPM 132, a permanent magnet electric motor rated at 12 Kw, about 16 horsepower, at 1400 rpm. Fueling this motor is a 12V – 90Ah battery pack. Among the latest additions to the shipyard, which is already set to become a hybrid, is a model that is enjoying great success: the Sciallino 34 Fisherman. A vessel (hull length of 9.97 m) that outwardly reaches almost 12 meters, on board of which a classic and elegant line is combined with the sportiness and, above all, the seaworthiness of a fishing cabin cruiser suited to today’s owner. The advantages of the fishing pilothouse pair with an important interior brightness that is noticeable as soon as you enter, but also with significantly superior motorization compared to the 23 that allows, with two 300-plus horsepower engines, to touch 28 knots. Imagine, however, being on board and being able to turn off the diesel and, accompanied only by the sound of the water, approach propelled by the electric to those waters where endothermic boats generally cannot enter.

Data Sheet – Sciallino 23′ Hybrid


Deck Layout
Sciallino 23 Hybrid – Deck Layout
Sciallino 23 Hybrid – Deck Layout
Length Out All (LOA) 7.93 m
Width (Beam max) 2.5 m
Draught (Draught) 0.62 m
Displacement (Displacement) 3.5 t
Motorization Nanni diesel No.4 115 hp with ZF45A inverter + SPM hybrid motor 12Kw 48VDC + Battery set (12V – 90Ah)
Maximum speed (Max speed) 18 kn
Cruising speed (Cruising speed) 12 kn
Fuel Tank Capacity (Fuel) 280 lt.
Water Tank Capacity (Water) 200 lt.
Bathrooms 1
Beds 2 + 1



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