Sealine C330V, we board the 10-meter cruiser that becomes open


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Sealine C330V

Comfort, space inside and out, great sailing stability and 40 knots in the throttles: the Cruiser becoming Open raises the bar and challenges the competition.

Space outside and space inside for a true transformer of the sea, comfortable Cruiser that becomes exciting Open. A 33-footer for year-round living. Refined construction for maximum lightness and strength. Fairing designed by Bill Dixon. One hundred possibilities for customization. And 40 knots in the throttles thanks to two 300-horsepower outboards.

Sealine C330V navigation

Sealine C330V: the cruiser with 40 knots in the cuffs

These are some of the hallmarks of the Sealine C330V, one of 11 models in the catalog of the shipyard founded in 1972 and part of Germany’s Hanse Yachts AG since 2013. A Group that brings together six brands, four active in sailing and two in motor, with Sealine standing out for its innovative proposals and settings that distinguish its boats in terms of comfort and marine qualities.

And so, following this ever-renewed track and with added synergies coming from Hanse Yachts, here is the Sealine C330V unveiled last year in Cannes and following up on the debut model, with inboard-outboard motorization, in 2016.

Sealine C330V Outboard

“It is the answer to the many boaters who were asking, precisely, for the outboard version,” explains Andrea Trevisan of Blu Service Italia, which represents Sealine in Italy. “We offer the new Suzuki DF300Bs with Suzuki Dual Prop feet. But any other solution is possible according to customer preferences.” Engine brand aside, the switch to outboards has made more ample cockpit storage available on this very special cruiser.

At 10.31 meters long with a beam of 3.50 meters, the Sealine C330V, thanks to the shipyard’s experience and the synergies that come from the Hanse Group, boasts refined construction with an elaborate internal hull structure that is extremely rigid and light. Two elements that, combined with the deep-V hull and vertical bow, which facilitates wave passage, ensure that the Sealine C330V has great sailing stability and ease of handling. Which translates into maximum comfort for those aboard this decidedly technically advanced vessel.

The materials of the Sealine C330V

In fact, all elements testify to the search for the best solution. Starting with the materials. Just two examples: the size and processing of stainless steel elements and plant engineering.

“In Sealine, the decision was made to definitely raise the bar over the competition,” summarizes Trevisan. But in the Sealine C330V the bar has been raised not only on the technical level, but in the overall approach that has one denominator: the possibility of experiencing the sea. Thus, by opening the glass door separating the cockpit from the living room-which has, to the left, a sofa and table and, to starboard, behind the bridge, the galley area-it is possible to create a single, large space in direct contact with the environment. But not only that.

The electric hard top can also be opened. And as if that were not enough, you can open the door, also made of glass and sliding, next to the driver’s station and close the soft top that shields the cockpit from the sun. With these “let’s open everything” operations, a truly unique Open is realized. An Open that can be quickly transformed into a cozy, sheltered cruiser for experiencing your boat in all seasons. But on the Sealine C330V, the supply of space does not stop.

Sealine C330V: interior

A double sundeck is still available in the bow, while in the interior the proposal is unique. “In the forward double cabin and the aft twin cabin, as far as bed size and height we are at the top of the category,” Trevisan points out. “In the forward one, the space is really impressive and you can comfortably turn around the bed, and in the aft one three people fit comfortably.” These spaces, signed as is all interior design by Andrea Zambonini, are complemented by the staging and finishing solutions that make each Sealine unique.

The palette of woods, leathers, and fabrics with which to customize not only the interiors is extremely rich, and the level of care and finish is one that, along with quality at sea and livability, has made the Sealines a benchmark in their respective size classes. And the Sealine C330V certainly is in the crowded 33-footer landscape.

Boat Data Sheet: Sealine C330V

  • LOA: 10.31 m
  • B.Max: 3.50 m
  • Draft: 0.89 m
  • MAXIMUM SPEED: 40 knots
  • PRICE: from/from 159,950 € + VAT *Without engines





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