Sean Connery and those superboats from the 007 movies.


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Sean Connery passed away on October 31, at the age of 90. Among the Scottish actor’s dozens of films, the early 007 movies have remained indelibly etched in the public imagination, as has his portrayal of the upstanding Captain Marko Ramius, commanding a state-of-the-art Soviet submarine.

Speaking of his films as an interpreter of Ian Fleming’s novels, the following also remained memorable some speedboat and yacht scenes that have since become cult. Today we want to remember him by repurposing some memorable boats from the 007 films.

Sean Connery 007 and that legendary boat chase.

For some, Sean Connery was the ultimate James Bond. There is certainly one speedboat chase that has become very famous that is the one we want to remember Sean Connery’s legend with today. In 1963,“To 007, from Russia with Love” was released. In one of the most famous scenes Sean Connery escapes aboard a speedboat. “Explosive” scene ending after several minutes of high speed at sea. Video that was shared on the British Powerboat Racing Club Facebook page.

After the film, the video boats achieved semi-legitimate status, even achieving repeated success in races such as the Cowes-Torquay. Some also served as military boats, chosen by the Royal Naval Skippers. But what kind of boat was it? A Fairey Huntress 23, built by Fairey Marine. Chasing Bond instead were Huntsman 28 also by Fairey.

Fairey Marine

Founded by Sir Richard Fairey in the 1940s as a sailboat builder, Fairey Marine built its first motor boat in the 1960s by Sir Richard’s son. Passionate about offshore racing, he wanted to create an unparalleled recreational boat. The next step? Gaining approval to use the hull drawings of the brilliant designer Raymond Hunt, the same man who together with Dick Bertram gave birth to the legend of the shipyard of the same name.

After the original 23-footer, Fairey designed and built his own fast cruisers and the 28-foot Huntsman and Huntress, both of which starred in the 1963 hit film.

Thunderball: Buehler Turbocraft and Disco Volante.

Another speedboat that later became famous was the 19-foot Buehler Turbocraft from the 1965 film “Thunderball” directed by Terence Young. Bond uses the boat in many scenes in the film, including the one in which 007, played by Sean Connery, and Dominique “Domino” Derval argue on the transom of Turbocraft’s boat after Bond rescues Domino. After the film, the brand aptly renamed this model “Thunderball” as an homage to the film and it became a commercial success in the 1960s.

Also appearing in this film is Disco Volante . For Thunderball scenes the yacht composed of two parts. The vessel was a PT20 hydrofoil built by Rodriquez Shipyards. Instead, the other 15 meters of the yacht were set up on the set.

The brand, now owned by entrepreneur John Clapot, has a very important background. From the U.S. Secret Service to Jackie Kennedy and even Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the USSR, who ordered a specimen to be sent to him. However, he was recalled mid-flight due to the sudden outbreak of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962.

Nabila, I mean Trump Princess: Flying Saucer for James Bond fans.

Remember that yacht owned by Trump and believed to be the most famous yacht in the world? Legend has it that the tycoon bought it and earned 30 million in one year (
read the whole article here
). Well, that boat, launched in 1979, was called Nabila, 86 meters (282 feet) long, born from the Benetti shipyards in Viareggio. The first owner was Adnan Khashoggi, Saudi oil tycoon.

Nabila, today known as Kingdom 5KR. Photo by FrummerThanThou from Wikipedia in English, CC BY-SA 3.0 ,

This yacht was designed in 1977 by the most famous superyacht architect of the time, Australian John Bannemberg. But back to James Bond. In 1983 this yacht became the Flying Saucer in the movie Never Say Never, again starring Sean Connery. As in Ian Fleming’s novel and the film, this yacht is the headquarters of the villain Largo. Read the full story about the yacht here.


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