Sergio Davì from Mediterranean to Pacific Ocean on a 10-meter rib

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In 2019 Sergio Davì had arrived at the Genoa Boat Show after his crazy crossing from Palermo to New York on an 11-meter rib passing through the North Atlantic Ocean (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE).

This year at the Genoa Boat Show he presented his new challenge: Sergio Davì will navigate from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, final destination Los Angeles on a 10-meter rib. A new record-breaking challenge with many steps including one of over 2,000 miles, single-handed.

Sergio Davì launches the new challenge for 2021/2022

With the partners that supported him in the latest crossings such as Suzuki Marine, Nuova Jolly Marine, and Simrad, the Italian navigator from Palermo has just unveiled the “Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure”From Palermo to California on a route similar to the one that in 2017 had brought him from Palermo to Brazil and that includes the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean starting from Cape Verde.

After the Atlantic Ocean, the navigator will pass through the Panama Canal to reach the Pacific, touch the Galapagos and then resume the route to Mexico and finally California. The goal is to arrive in Los Angeles which is almost at the same latitude as Palermo.

A few numbers of Sergio Davì’s next crossing

After showing that he can do from Palermo to New York on a rib boat, this time Sergio Davì will make it even more difficult. In this solo crossing there will be 10.000 nautical miles that Sergio will do alone, on a 10 meters Nuova Jolly rib. The engines will be a twin of Suzuki outboard (either 200 horsepower or the DF300 with double propeller). All the electronics stuff will be Simrad, which completes the three partners of Sergio.

Approximately 100 days of travel are estimated with 25 days of navigation. The longest route planned is between Cabo Verde and Barbados, which exceeds 2,000 miles (a record in the record).

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