Sergio Davì will travel 10,000 miles from Palermo to Los Angeles on a 10-meter RIB!


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Sergio Davì and the Nuova Jolly Prince 38 with twin Suzuki DF300B outboards Sergio Davì e il Nuova Jolly Prince 38 con due fuoribordo Suzuki DF300B

Sounds like the name of an unlikely intercontinental flight. Parlermo-Los Angeles. The same latitude but thousands of miles away that Sergio Davì, a navigator from Palermo, has decided to tackle for his next venture, the Ocean To Ocean Rib metres powered by two Suzuki DF300Bs (those with double counter-rotating propellers) and Simrad electronics. The name chosen for the dinghy that will make the crossing is Aretusa Explorer.

Palermo-Los Angeles in an inflatable boat: the route

Captain Sergio Davì’s upcoming Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure raid will set sail in mid-November from Palermo to cover 10,000 miles across the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific. It is certainly not an easy journey, especially aboard a Nuova Jolly 38, powered by twin Suzuki DF300B outboards. In particular, this dinghy is preparing to make a 1,800 nautical mile leg from Cape Verde to French Guyana. Then, once he has touched the coasts of Venezuela and Colombia (past the Panama Canal), Davì will enter the Pacific Ocean. Once in the Pacific, Sergio Davì will head for the Galapagos Archipelago, then on to Mexico and then on to Los Angeles, California.

A new record-breaking challenge with many stages, including the 1,800-mile solo race.


Sergio Davì on board Sergio Davì on board

Palermo-Los Angeles on a 10-meter RIB

Sergio Davì will once again have Suzuki outboards to push his dinghy, a new Jolly Prince 38, which will become a “house on the water” for the captain for a few months. The motorisation is that of the Suzuki DF300B, a model derived from the DF350A, Suzuki’s top of the range, from which it inherits the six-cylinder architecture, the 4.4-litre thermal unit, and the foot fitted with a counter-rotating double propeller propulsion.

Thanks to the double propeller and the large displacement, these engines have high torque values, suitable even for the displacement conditions in which the boat will be sailing. Sergio Davì’s 10.63 metre long and 3.80 metre wide dinghy will often be fully loaded and so the engines will be under particular stress.

A tidbit about these Suzuki outboards

Sailing thousands of miles and touching so many countries, Daví’s dinghy will come across different fuel pumps and fuels. These Suzuki outboards, thanks to their electronic injection system, are able to recognise the type of fuel used. What does that mean? It means that, depending on its octane number, it self-adjusts all combustion parameters to ensure total efficiency with 91 RON (regular petrol), 95 RON (super petrol) and 98 RON (super plus petrol) petrol, without any loss of performance.

Beyond adventure: Sergio Davì’s journey and the environment

Sergio Davì, as well as wanting to complete his Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure as a sailing experience, will also act as a spokesperson for important campaigns to raise awareness and protect the marine environment, encouraging analysis and making the public aware of the problems present in every habitat he encounters during his raid. The Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure will have two scientific partners: the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta, based in Turin, and the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Sicily, based in Palermo, under whose aegis and scientific direction Sergio Davì will carry out a series of activities that will engage him in various stages of navigation

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