Seven accessories to improve your boat’s deck


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Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum - Blanket
Boat Accessories 2023 top – Seven ideas for deck renovation (pictured is the Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum)

Best Accessories 2023 – Seven ideas to have in your boat to revamp your deck

Seven clever accessories with which to revolutionize life on deck, simplifying operations on board not only while cruising. With these accessories, rest assured that you will have no comfort problems when you are on vacation, for example, thanks to the blanket shade systems: there are now so many different types!

Boat Accessories 2023 – Arya – Amare Group

TOP 2023 Accessories - Amare Group - Arya
TOP 2023 Accessories – Amare Group – Arya

The latest innovation from Amare Group is the innovative Arya telescopic walkway. This product is a 2-in-1 solution, in fact it is a walkway that transforms into a ladder with a simple remote-controlled mechanism. By operating the device, elegant teak steps are revealed from the flat gangway, allowing boarding and disembarking in all situations. With this product you will be able to get on and off the boat with comfort from docks of all heights.

Flatwash Shower – Foresti & Suardi

TOP 2023 Accessories - Flatwash Shower - Foresti & Suardi
TOP 2023 Accessories – Flatwash Shower – Foresti & Suardi

Flatwash is a removable deck shower made of chrome-plated brass. Thanks to the ceramic flow control system, the spray is always smooth, and the clean design allows the system to integrate perfectly on any type of yacht. Installation is quick and easy on all types of surfaces, flat or curved, horizontal or vertical. At the base of the system, lip seals enable complete waterproofing. Available in two versions, with and without integrated flow control.

Helios – Exit Carbon

TOP 2023 Accessories - Helios - Exit Carbon
TOP 2023 Accessories – Helios – Exit Carbon

It is called Helios and is an ultralight removable awning system designed especially for small and medium-sized boats. It consists of carbon fiber uprights and a set of tumblers for attachment. The number of poles is normally 2 or 4 per boat. The strength of carbon fiber makes these poles the most stable support for your awning.

Deck Accessories: Lightning Rod – Euthalia

Deck Accessories - Lightning Rod - Euthalia
TOP 2023 Accessories – Lightning Rod – Euthalia

Unlike the classic system invented by Franklin, the Euthalia lightning rod does not attract charges but forms a bubble to protect against lightning strikes and prevent them from forming. Euthalia Marine’s system makes it possible to prevent damage to the boat and people, fire formation, equipment and electrical system failure in a completely passive manner, without using or producing energy for operation.

Decktent awning – FB Yachting

deck accessories
TOP 2023 Accessories – Decktent Awning – FB Yachting

The Decktent inflatable awning is the perfect solution for those who want shade on board without the encumbrance of a bimini or fixed awning. The product is available in three different cuts and fits smoothly on any type of boat. It inflates in no time and is easily attached to pulpits or candlesticks and shades the bow, providing some refreshment even in the hot sun.

NeoFend – TR.EM

TOP 2023 Accessories - TREM - NeoFend
TOP 2023 Accessories – TREM – NeoFend

TR.EM’s doubleface fender cover socks are made of 100 percent stretch neoprene, a material that does not stain and resists cutting. Neoprene retains its color over time, not being damaged by heat, weather and other agents. Available for Majoni and Polyform fenders.

Deck Accessories: LaScala – Besenzoni

2023 deck accessories
TOP 2023 Accessories – LaScala Besenzoni

With products from Besenzoni’s LaScala range, you have a functional gangway and an electrically actuated boarding/disembarking ladder in one go. Movement can be activated through a radio control or through the Besenzoni Device Control app by purchasing the optional control unit. Manually removable candlesticks are available with either rope or polished stainless steel handrails. The walking surface can be made of teak with non-slip inserts, carbon or PVC.


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