Silent 62: the sun is enough to keep this 19-meter yacht moving


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Silent 62
Silent 62

Sustainable mobility is making, albeit still fatigued, strides, and it is beginning to show signs of it in boating as well. Moving beyond small electric boats and ultra-performance sports boats that lack “significant range,” the realm of electrics is in fact ruled by cruisers, and not in the sense of weekenders or sports boats suitable for small cruising. Cruiser means the big cruisers. This is where Silent Yachts, an Austrian brand that has already been engaged in the production of full electric catamarans for a while, comes in. And now, with the new generation, with the Silent 62 shows us how the sun can, indeed, take a 19-meter hull, with room for eight people and displacements in excess of 30 tons, to cruise

Silent 62, sunshine is enough for cruising

Launched in 2021 and re-launched in its version in 2023, the Silent 62 is an important platform, a catamaran that demonstrates, in addition to its own efficiency as a design, that of full electric solutions. Now, two new Silent 62 hulls have been launched, taking the demonstration even further: new transmissions, new battery packs, and new propellers, for even better performance, greater efficiency, and increased comfort. Silent, in short, becomes even more silent. Let’s see how.

Silent 62
Silent 62

The Way of the Full Electric

The centerpiece of the two new updates is the new next-generation drive-train, which is even more efficient and has the widest range on the market. This is matched by the new batteries, which are liquid-cooled and strong with higher energy density and greater capacity than their predecessors. Icing on the cake, new carbon propellers, specifically designed to improve performance and reduce sound and vibration, inspired by those found on submarines, generally designed to be as “quiet” as possible.

What, concretely, does this series of improvements and updates mean? Simply, a higher level of efficiency in all respects. The transmission, in fact, on the strength of the new drive-train is now more powerful, quieter and, indeed, more efficient, thus providing both higher top speeds and greater range. Based on automotive standards, the new drivetrain uses upgraded battery packs and therefore with higher energy density and higher capacity, technical language to tell us that you now have more range and even faster charging speeds thanks to thermal management of the cells.

Silent 62

In parallel, the new water-cooled battery also covers another front in terms of reducing environmental impacts. In fact, its lifespan has increased, now to more than 3,500 charging cycles, a key element as it reduces the frequency of replacements, and thus related disposals. In terms of safety, it then has an autonomous monitoring and shutdown system, as well as being certified by DNV-GL and Lloyd’s Register.

Silent 62 – The Results

Rounding out the upgrade complex are new motors with an efficiency of about 96 percent, a result achieved by exploiting the latest synchronous reactance-assisted permanent magnet (SRPM) technologies. All, for a complex that, powered in parallel by a solar farm of about 50 sq. m., provides Silent with trans-oceanic capabilities, making it virtually independent in terms of energy needs and thus propulsive. A result that, more than anything else, invites reflection on the possibilities given by the new media. Means yes still evolving and still part of a supply chain crucified by massive difficulties on multiple fronts, but at the same time necessary for movement toward actually more sustainable solutions on the all-around.

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Silent 62 Trideck è il catamarano giramondo (19 m) che va a energia solare

Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 18.86 m
Baglio Massimo (B.max) 8.99 m
Fishing 0.93 m
Light displacement 39 t
Motorization Cruiser version

Motorization E-Power version

Motorization VersionE-Power+

2 x 50 kW + 143 kWh lithium batteries

2 x 200 kW + 207 kWh lithium batteries

2 x 340 kW + 286 kWh lithium batteries

Cruising speed 6-8 kn
Top Speed:

Cruiser version

E-Power version


10 – 11 kn

13 – 14 kn

13 – 20 kn

Solar Power Generation 16 kWp
Cabins 4
Bathrooms 4
CE Certification A



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