Six all-purpose boats (watercraft) under €100,000. 7 to 8.45 m


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Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum - Blanket
Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum

If you are looking for a compact new boat, even if it is your first, watercraft are always a good choice. Easy to manage, compact in size and price, and do not need registration. We chose 6 models around 100k for all uses, from the pure dayboat to the more sporty weekender.

6 boats under 100 thousand euros

Useful info on the prices given in this article:

Whether they are for fishing, relaxation, or pure fun, we present an initial review of 6 boats priced around 100,000 euros. Of course, the prices given here are not binding and are a rough indication on a standard model (even in engines), without VAT. Adding optional extras, different engines, etc., can raise the price, but each boat meets the needs of the individual owner.

Flipper 700 DC – 7.17 m

A day-cruiser that combines Nordic quality and performance with the advantages of a cabin cruiser. The Flipper 700 DC is a boat designed to spend one’s time at sea well, whether in the daily outing or for a weekend on board. The deck offers room for 7 people in comfort thanks to a large L-shaped sofa and double seating on the bridge deck. The forward slants are in turn usable for enjoying the sunshine.

Below deck are two

berths in a
cabin while, if desired, there are two more on the sundeck with a camping canopy. In terms of engines, the choice varies between a minimum of 135 horsepower and a maximum of 300 hp, in both cases outboard and served by a 188-liter fuel tank.

Flipper 700 DC
Length Over All 7.17 m
Baglio Massimo 2.48 m
Minimum Motorization 135 hp
Maximum Motorization 300 hp
*Basic price hull + 225 hp engine €90,000 + VAT


Flipper 700 DC

Cap Camarat 7.5 CC (series 3) – 7.37m

So much space and comfort condensed into just 7.37 meters, including two beds. The Cap Camarat 7.5 Center Consolle (third series) is an excellent example of how Jeanneau has condensed years of experience into an exemplary model for this segment. Dayboat or weekender, the 7.5 CC looks like a boat suitable for both novices and those looking for a compact and functional means of spending pleasant days at sea.

On board, in addition to a cabin for two and a toilet, there is room for 8 people thanks to a well-designed deck plan. In the cockpit are three different fold-down seats, ideal for leaving spaces clear or making a C-shaped sofa in seconds. In the middle of the boat is the steering console, served by ergonomic double seats, while in the bow is a second convivial space, complete with a C-shaped sofa, table, and single settee recessed in the deckhouse.

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 CC
Length Over All 7.37 m
Baglio Massimo 2.1 m
Maximum Motorization 300 hp
*Basic hull price 41,130 excluding VAT
*Target price 300 hp engine. € 27,000 incl. VAT.

If you were interested in seeing the “big sister,” here is our
in-depth look at the Cap Camarat 10.5

Cap Camarat 7.5 CC

Lilybaeum Levanzo 25 – 7.88 m

A fresh, well-thought-out boat. This is the first impression when looking at the deck, totally devoted to the day on the water. It starts from an aft platform with the engines mounted on brackets of the same, which is thus very livable despite the presence of the outboards. The area from the stern to the middle of the boat is dominated by two sundecks, separated by a central walkway where additional cushioning can be inserted.

In the middle of the boat is a bar cabinet that may include a sink and refrigerator, and in front is a three-seat sofa. Finally, an optional but much-appreciated T-Top shades the wheelhouse, moved toward the bow, beyond which we find an additional convivial area that concludes the spaces, defining a boat that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also well thought out in terms of layout. The real show, however, is steering it with a hull somewhere between an American fisherman and a classic Italian speedboat.

For more information click here for
the article on the Levanzo 25.

Lilybaeum Levanzo 25
Length Over All 7.88 m
Baglio Massimo 2.55
*Basic hull price € 55,900 + VAT
*Basic price hull + 1x Mercury V8 300hp 84,713 + VAT
Single Minimum Motorization 1x Mercury V6 225 hp (€ 20,100)

1x Yamaha 250 hp (€ 25,400)

Double Minimum Motorization 2x Mercury 150 hp (€ 26,885)

2x Yamaha 150 hp (€ 28,605)

Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum
Levanzo 25 Lilybaeum

Axopar 25 Cross Top – 8.0 m

For anyone who wants something more than an open boat, Axopar has the solution. It is called Axopar 25 and, available in Cross Top and Cross Bow versions, it is the classic all weather Scandinavian. Structured on the winning DNA of the smaller model, the Axopar 22, the 25 promises solutions for every need and taste, thanks to the capable combination of comfort, cabin and performance.

Although the profile is sporty it offers in fact a wide full-width forward sundeck and, in the cockpit it offers configurations that allow it to be adapted to every need. There are in fact three layouts for the entire seating system. In addition to the standard version (double aft settee and swiveling bridge seating), a variant with a large U-shaped settee (profiled on the hull also accommodates six people), or a multi-compartment arrangement, with a swiveling backrest capable of accommodating six people (with refrigerator, lockers and sink below) are available.

Axopar then offers two more options to choose from: the Cross Bow variant, with an uncovered dashboard and cockpit, or the Cross Top variant-with a sporty hard-top. In the bow, below deck, are double berths and a toilet.

For more information click here for the article
on the Axopar 25.

Axopar 25 Cross Top
Length Over All 8.00 m
Baglio Massimo 2,23 m
Maximum Motorization 250 hp
*Cross Top Hull Base Price € 45 220 excluding VAT
*Target price 250 hp engine. € 25,500 VAT incl.


Axopar 25
Axopar 25

Beneteau Flyer 8 Spacedeck & Sundeck – 8.17 m

Heterozygotic twins born from Beneteau and designed for all uses. Flyer 8 SPACEdeck and Flyer 8 SUNdeck are in fact two similar but profoundly different dayboats/weekenders. Based on the same hull (8.17 m) they have many similarities, but it is the distinct configurations that make them truly unique. Designed for sporting activities, fishing and active recreation the former, cabin cruiser and more inclined to relaxation the latter, both serve a wide variety of needs well, offering in fact a spacious and comfortable cockpit, more versatile for fishing in the case of the SPACEdeck.

In the bow, however, the real differences emerge. In fact, the SPACEdeck features a large convivial space, complete with sofas and sundecks. A lounge area that, however, sacrifices the cabin, present instead in the SUNdeck, where the bow is thus higher, to provide interior space complete with berth. Beneteau does not save itself, however, offering a sundeck here as well, lying on the deckhouse.

We tested them for you in Barcelona, click HERE to learn more and see the video of the comparison test.

Beneteau Flyer 8 SPACE & SUN deck
Length Over All 8.17 m
Baglio Massimo 2.53 m
Minimum Motorization 250 hp
Maximum Motorization 350 hp
*Base price SPACEdeck hull. €46,600 + VAT
*Base price SUNdeck hull. €50,500 + VAT
*Target price Suzuki 250 hp engine € 25,500 VAT incl.
*Target price Suzuki 350 hp engine €35,000 incl. VAT.
Beneteau Flyer 8 SUNdeck

Saxdor 270 GTO Hard Top & Soft Top – 8.45 m

Saxdors are generally rather fast, outboard-powered hulls that are designed to be boats for everyone, both in terms of usability and price. Coming to the Saxdor 270 GTO, there are two versions: hard-top and soft-top. They differ not only in coverage, but also in layout. That is, the two versions also differ in deck layout, with important variations from boat to boat. The main one is about the cockpit.

In Soft Top version we find a wet-bar in the cockpit, followed by a series of seats with a central table, which do not allow for a sundeck aft, but present in the bow. The Hard Top version, on the other hand, features a large aft sundeck with fold-down backrests, so each area can be transformed as needed. However, the dashboard, below-deck cabin and forward sundecks remain the same.

We saw them for you at Boot Düsseldorf.
Click HERE
to read more and see the video comparison.

Saxdor 270 GTO
Length Over All 8.45 m
Baglio Massimo 2.60 m
Maximum Motorization 300 hp
*Price hull + Mercury 225 hp V6 €77,500 + VAT
*Price hull + Mercury 250 V8 €80,500 + VAT
Saxdor 270 GTO
Saxdor 270 GTO


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