Six Italian boats star in newly released films


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From Gabriele Muccino to Christopher Nolan, the link between cinema and boats in 2020 has been really strong. And boating is not only there to tell, but also to be told.

Boats and Cinema: six Italian boats in newly released films

The voyage is a concept that, in sea enthusiasts, almost naturally evokes the boat. But this element can also be proper to cinema: what is a film if not a path that takes us into a new world, different (or sometimes even too similar) to the one we usually see, leading us to see reality from another point of view? Certainly, cinema is the art that best lends itself to interpreting all those cues and peculiarities that are peculiar to a boat. It is no coincidence that Azimut Yachts for the launch of its new Magellan 25 Meters entrusted Gabriele Muccino to narrate this project in the short film “Open your eyes.”

Let’s start with the name: Magellan is not just any line, but harkens back to the Portuguese explorer and navigator who commanded the expedition that would go on to make the first circumnavigation of the globe. A timeless story, just as Azimut’s 25 Meters wants to be. The design of this boat, designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis and Ken Freivokh, brings in the elegance that is not bound by passing fads, just like those great movies that, even seeing them again after years, are still relevant. Through images, Muccino tells how art and beauty can give birth to and nurture passions, such as love can be.

Riva motorboats and the cinema

Speaking of boats and cinema in Italy, the Riva cannot, then, not come to mind. Shots of Riva speedboats with Anita Ekberg and Sophia Loren have gone around the world, but Rivas have also left their mark within the films themselves. From Dino Risi’s cult 1962 film “Il Sorpasso.” to the James Bond saga, the Engineer’s boats have been featured in an incredible number of films. These, in fact, are just a few of the many tributes that cinema has paid to the world’s most famous Italian motorboats.

Pierfrancesco Favino for Riva In The Movie

In such a special year for the seventh art, it is Riva himself who pays his own tribute to cinema with the short film “Riva in the movie.” The choice of such an exceptional actor as is Pierfrancesco Favino, among the most internationally acclaimed Italians, testifies to the value the shipyard places on this way of communicating.


Pierfrancesco Favino while sailing in Venice aboard the Riva Aquariva

Favino is filmed crossing St. Mark’s Square in Venice just before dawn, amid reflections of the moon filtering through a very evocative fog. An evocative opening, with the actor then boarding a Riva Aquariva, a direct descendant of the Aquarama, to sail through the waters of the Serenissima and carry a mysterious mahogany object. To find out what it is, however, you will have to wait for the ending of the short film. The location chosen to set the film is no accident, given the very strong connection between the city and cinema, where the film made its official debut during the Film Festival. To document the bond between Riva and cinema, an exhibition will also be set up at the Gritti Palace, which, through extraordinary images, will recount the many films in which Riva boats have played an important role, often as protagonists, alongside national and international divas and stars.

All the boats in Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet

Speaking of today’s cinema intended for the general public, yachts were undoubtedly the stars of Christopher Nolan’s latest highly anticipated film, “Tenet.”

A close-up of John David Washington on a boat during the filming of “Tenet,” by Christopher Nolan, aboard a Riva Aquariva – Courtesy The Italian Sea Group

From the yacht Planet Nine, the 75-meter explorer built by Admiral Yachts, a brand of The Italian Sea Group, to the Maori 50 by Maori Yachts, the boats featured are a perfect match for the beauty of the scenes and allow for out-of-the-ordinary shots. Even in such a difficult year, that authentic bond and aptitude for the pursuit of beauty that has always united boating and cinema here in Italy came through. And the Riva Aquariva with John David Washington at the helm also appears in Nolan’s film. Last but not least, an inflatable boat is also seen in Tenet in several scenes. Which one is it? The Pirelli 1100 in an all-black version.

Pirelli 1100 tenet
Pirelli 1100

Also sailing in Nolan‘s film with the F50, a very fast racing catamaran.


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