So sail Suzuki outboards from 100 to 140 hp. Test on 3 boats (5-6 meters)


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Suzuki DF115B on the Marshall M4 - Simon Palfrader ©
Suzuki DF115B on the Marshall M4 – Simon Palfrader ©

Performance enhancement, reliability, maintenance, and concrete actions for a cleaner way. These are the elements that characterize the recent evolutionary journey of Suzuki outboard engines, starting two years ago with the release of the BG electro-actuated line and found in mechanical versions in the new Suzuki DF140B, DF115B and DF100C outboards.

Suzuki 100 to 140 hp with mechanical control

With the grille removed from the design, inside, the water and air circuit changes dramatically. The former was revised with the aim of minimizing the temperature difference between the upper and lower cylinders. In the second, the airflow flows faster, so there is a much more immediate response to opening the throttle. The key evolutionary aspect that affects performance, however, is definitely the increase in compression ratio from 9.7 in the A models to 10.6 in the current models. This was made possible by reducing the volumes of the combustion chambers, resulting in higher thermal efficiency, achieving also, lower fuel use.

The reengineering work touched all components. A reduction in the angle of the gear angles was applied to the new gearbox, resulting in improved engagement.

Higher performance corresponds to higher stresses and strains on components. To ensure a high level of reliability, a trademark for Suzuki, every single mechanical component is made to be more durable.

The result is that these engines weigh 5kg more than the A-series models, however, since they do not have throttle body electro actuators, they are lighter than the GB versions.

Suzuki wants to send a strong and concrete message about its commitment to water conservation, and it does so with the MICROPLASTIC COLLECTOR, which is a filter inside the cooling circuit that cleans up microplastics, the waters in which you sail. It will be fitted as standard from July productions.

Suzuki from 100 to 140 hp with mechanical control – The tests

After getting to know them theoretically, we move on to the practical test in the water. At Baveno on Lake Maggiore, clouds gave way to warm late-May sunshine, and the absence of wind and waves characterized the entire practice day.

Suzuki DF115B – Marshall M4

What is striking about the Marshall M4 is that it conveys stability and handling at all paces. The new DF115B engine proved ready to facilitate the maneuvering of this 6.65-m hull even at rather tight turning angles. The dinghy has a well-sheltered driver’s station and can accommodate up to 15 people who find seating either on the tubulars or in the stern on the sofa with a backrest. There is no shortage of opportunities for passengers to hold on firmly, which is very useful when reaching high speeds.

Suzuki df115b marshall m4
Suzuki DF115B on the Marshall M4 – Simon Palfrader ©

Even for those who are not used to sport inflatables, with the Marshalls coming out of the yard powered by Suzuki, one can easily enjoy both driving and being a passenger in comfort and safety. It then strikes one as pleasantly surprised by the relatively low noise impact when traveling with the throttle at full throttle.

Full fuel load (90 l) with two people on board

700 2,5 1
1000 3,2 1,6
1500 4,8 2,8
2000 6,1 4,1
2500 7,5 6,4
3000 10,7 8,9
3500 15,3 11.8 PLANATA
4000 20,8 13,3
5000 26,9 23,6
5900 33 40,3

Suzuki DF140B – Focchi 640

Focchi inflatable boats are top hulls designed for high speeds. The new Suzuki DF140B is well suited in pandering to this vocation, sporting excellent responsiveness on the throttle, thanks to its increased compression ratio.

Performing and essential, the Focchi 640 Veleno measures 6.4m and 2.42m wide and has a pronounced deep-V keel. At 16 knots you’re already gliding along, but 41 knots with a 140 horsepower tells of a truly top-notch hull. With a quick trim adjustment in no time at all, one finds oneself watching the waves flow under the hull, at a top speed of nearly 43 knots .

4 people on board positioned at the stern with 40% fuel that equals about 50 l

700 2,4 1
1000 3,4 1,8
1500 5 3,1
2000 5,8 4,7
2500 7,5 8 minimum glide
3000 16,3 10.7 full glide
3500 21,1 12,6
4000 24,2 14,5
4500 27,8 22,4
5000 32,4 31,9
5500 37 41,1
6000 42,8 46 trim 100%

Suzuki DF 100C – IDEA 58 WA

This nearly 20-foot vessel is ideal for family, small groups of friends and fishing enthusiasts who want to enjoy a day of freedom. Although equipped with only one small porthole the presence of a cabin (with toilet) in the bow invites us to consider spending a night outside as well. No doubt this space is ideal for storage (SUP, towels, etc.).

Suzuki DF100C on board the Idea Marine 58
Suzuki DF100C aboard Idea Marine 58 – Simon Palfrader ©

The DF100C engine fitted for this test, does not shield us from the temptation to push a little harder on the throttle to see how the boat performs at sustained engine speeds. The driver’s station is comfortable and the whole deck is protected and dry. The hull with more space aft also benefits from a bow sundeck. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the presence of Troll Mode, which allows you to digitally set the engine revs from 50 in 50, to keep a steady pace without having to constantly adjust and correct the throttle.

Test with two people on board, with 3/4 full tank of gas corresponding to 62 liters.

700 2,4 1
1000 3,3 1,6
1500 4,9 2,7
2000 5,9 3,9
2500 6,9 5,7
3000 7,9 8,6
3500 10,6 11.8 half-plan
4000 16 13.6 glide
4500 21 17
5000 24 21,7
5500 27,4 28,2
6000 29,7 40.3 trim 100%

Luis Carlos Palumbo


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