So the legendary vintage Riva motorboats go electric


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Riva Ariston 1950
3 Riva Ariston 1950 – Archive photo

Even old-fashioned boats can electrify themselves. And we are not talking about just any vintage hulls, but the legendary vintage Riva motorboats. An opportunity that has arisen from the collaboration between Bellini Nautica S.p.A. and Lanéva
, a Monaco-based company that manufactures, sells and rents 100% electric and luxury boats.

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Vintage Riva electric motorboats

The year 2022 was a crazy year for anniversary lovers. From the 100th anniversary of the birth of Carlo Riva to 60 years of the world’s most successful boat,
Aquarama not forgetting the 180th anniversary of the
Riva shipyard.

Laneva boats
Laneva boats 1


The world is changing and more and more shipowners are demanding electric options for their hulls, even when refitting. What to do when the boat is a classic Riva powerboat? The answer comes from Bellini Nautica, among the most important companies in the world when it comes to vintage Rivas and Lanéva, who have designed and launched the first full Electric retrofit kit for these very special boats.

First retrofitted electrified model was a Riva Ariston, but the plan is far more ambitious. Lanéva, supported since 2018 by Monacothech (Monaco’s state incubator) and a member of the Capital of Advanced Charter Yachting, aims to provide, together with Bellini Nautica, up to 150 modular kits exclusively for the vintage Riva sector between now and 2026.

Bellini and Lanéva

Lanéva’s kits combine technology and certified industrial components in a 400-volt system, shielded cables and a tracking and telemetry system also used in Formula 1.

Motorization may be with single or dual motor from 150 kW to 500 kW, battery from 60 to 260 kWh weighing from 380 kg to 1.6 tons, and charger from 22 kW to 250 kW capacity.

How will these kits be installed? Bellini Nautica with its know-how will install these kits on the boats for which they will be required.

“This collaboration is important ,” comments Battista Bellini, CEO of Bellini Nautica S.p.A.. because it will allow Bellini Nautica to offer luxury boaters sustainable solutions as well, thus helping to reduce its carbon footprint (estimated reduction between 6 and 48 tons/year). In some large European lakes, it has even gone so far as to allow only electrically powered boats to sail, in line with the direction of European legislation regarding the movement of vehicles: without possibly going to that extreme, we still want to be ready in providing a refitting service that is as consistent as possible with the most modern expectations of our clientele.”


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