Solemar 34 SX (10 m), the new safe and fast inflatable boat for the family – THE TEST


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Solemar 34 SX
Solemar 34 SX

At the Genoa Boat Show, we tested the brand new Solemar 34 SX, an inflatable boat of 10.85 m, but vessel, given the hull length of 9.96 m. The test boat had two engines 350-horsepower V10 outboard from Mercury, and we touched a top speed of 49 knots.

Solemar 34 SX

Everything is new and yet almost nothing has changed. Same performance hull, same attention to detail, same fascination for lovers of the genre. La
new generation Solemar
does not upset what has long been a highly successful recipe, but updates it. The debut at the Genoa Motor Show is in grand style: three ready-made models arriving finished and refinished already in the first year of resumption of operations are an excellent calling card about the seriousness and capabilities of the new ownership that has taken the reins of the brand.

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Solemar 34 SX – Blanket

Solemar 34 SX – Deck and exterior

The Solemar 34 SX, pending the arrival of a larger cabin cruiser model, is currently the yard’s flagship. To board, we pass by two decidedly large swim platforms around the two outboards. This allows us to move and get very close to the dock despite the large volume of the two thrusters. It also represents, without a doubt, convenient access to water.

The new Solemar inflatable boat seen from the stern

The deck is dominated, in the version under test, by a hardtop, and there is a high level of protection particularly in the central cockpit. This aspect winks at families with children and is, in general, a nice plus in terms of safety.

Let’s say right away that the Solemar SX34 at the layout level is very unique and perhaps unique in the market. Forget the classic formula with “sundeck aft, settee, galley, bridge, and sundeck forward.”

I gommoni Solemar sono tornati! Nel 2023 già 3 modelli (da 8.5 a 11 m)

The galley area, with sink and locker, is aft on the port side, and in front is a large L-shaped cockpit with central table to which wheelhouse seating can be added by rotating it. By lowering the table we get a large sundeck. Additional seating is recessed to the left, beyond the bar cabinet, and underneath houses storage lockers. Behind the seats, where the fiberglass structure curves downward to lighten the aesthetic line, handrails have been placed, a stylish solution that does not detract from the profile but increases edge protection.

Stern cockpit with lowered table

Indeed, there is no shortage of supports to hold on to from bow to stern all along the “corridor” that leads from the aft swim platforms to the forward area. Again, the two sundecks are well recessed. One, at the far bow, uses the entire beam, resting on a large fiberglass snout at the front. Opposite, toward the stern, also using the console tilt is a large chaise longue. Unsuspected at first glance, in the side opening of the console, there is side access leading to a berth below deck with an interior that is all upholstered and quite well cared for. It is not an ideal solution for cruising, also complicit in the not too large entrance, but in principle a protected interior space is best to have, perhaps to use as a locker. There is also a toilet, much appreciated by boaters on long days on the water.

All along the hull you can feel a strong attention to detail, finish and practicality of use, hand in hand with a beautiful solidity of the boat. Now all that remains is to see how it performs on the water.

Solemar 34 SX – Navigation

The expected maximum speed for this boat was around 46-47 knots. Usually yards keep wide and give a few extra knots, which is achieved, it is true, but under ideal conditions. During the test there are 6 of us on board and the water is flat, rippled just a little by the north wind, but below the coast we sail without waves. It is early morning, there are few boats around, and you can push on the gas safely.

Solemar 34 SX
Solemar 34 SX

Launched at full speed, with the trim up, the two V10s grind out mile after mile and in moment there near 50 knots. We stop at 49.5, which is already a lot, and return to cruising speed. At 25, very enjoyable, knots go about 65 liters per hour. It is appreciated, however, that at both cruising speed and top speed the boat gives confidence to those at the helm. Attention to safety has to be at the base, it is clear, but the maneuverability and quality of this hull allow you to race and have fun, but always in safety, thanks also to the high protection offered by the deck.

Solemar 34 SX – Navigation data






















3500 -Echo cruising speed






4500 – Fast cruising speed















Solemar 34 SX – Data Sheet

Length f.t. LOA 9.96 m
Beam width 3.44 m
Tubing width. deflated Beam with deflated tube 2.50 m
Draught Draught 0.56 m
Tubolars Tubolars 0.67 m
Compartments Compartments 6
Hull Hull V Deep
Weight Weight 2,650 kg
Serb. fuel Fuel tank 450 l
Serb. Water Water tank 100 l
Serb. black water Black water tank 50 l
CE Cat: EC – B
People Persons 14
Berths 2
Power Power 700 Hp – 522 kW
Engine Engine 2 x Mercury Verado V10-350



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