STED, all the new 2022 features of the Telematics Desk of the Diportist


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Confindustria Nautica announces an IT and logistical upgrade of the infrastructure of STED, the boaters’ telematics counter, starting Jan. 19. After telling you about the critical issues and extremely long wait times that initially sent the system into a tailspin(read here), this update seems to bode well. Let’s see what new features there are.

STED 2022 – What’s New

The latest press release from Confindustria Nautica presents the news of a logistic-informatics update of the STED requested by CN itself, and active from January 19, 2022.

When we had talked about STED at its debut, immediately the complexity of the new procedures (although born to simplify) and the system’s IT problems were evident. Designed to automate paper without getting rid of paper altogether, STED initially suffered from these issues with delays and hiccups for boaters.

Here is explained the news for STED presented in the release from Confindustria Nautica:

  1. As of January 19, the first IT update with simplified correction of erroneous data that can be done directly from the portal, previously, as we had pointed out in our article, “For data already entered, corrections could not be made directly in the system, but it was necessary to ask technical assistance or restart the file from scratch.”
  2. A second IT update is in preparation and will arrive next quarter, with the aim of allowing parallel operations on the same file, e.g., switching from paper to digital along with the transfer of ownership.
  3. In the second quarter of 2022, 5 new resources will join UCON, Central Registrar’s Office, which validates all registry files.
  4. UCON will have the ability to edit and cancel all files, even those transferring from paper records (there are erroneous files that have been pending for months, and interactions with harbor masters and maritime agencies are simplified; Confindustria Nautica has also reported that some agencies, just to book a time slot, were submitting files with incorrect or incomplete data, which remained pending).
  5. A new “recreational unit search” function allows STED operators to view technical data of units and subjects in paper records for which there is not yet a validated STED file.
  6. A list of STEDs licensed in Italy has been published on the Administration’s website in the maritime transport section.


The dual update, both on the technical-informatics side and on the logistical-procedural side, seems to go a long way toward solving those critical issues, highlighted in our survey, which had also emphasized the goodwill of all the entities involved, (Captaincies, UNASCA, Confindustria Nautica…) to recognize the STED problems and to want to address them.

Important news is therefore coming for STED. On Motor Boats we will follow updates in the coming months.


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