Summer coming up: 10 ideas to make your cruise carbon neutral!


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Summer, time for cruises and vacations, is now upon us. It has been a very important year in terms of initiatives in favor of the environment and marine protection. So before you take to the sea and sail off to your favorite summer destinations, we have created a list with the 10 very simple ideas to make your shipboard life comfortable, sustainable and zero impact to the environment. A mix of products from around the world that will allow you to go to sea in a more sustainable way.



Solar-powered flashlight/batteries

A safety to never run out of power, easy to carry (about the size of a cell phone), shock resistant, 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, with a battery that can light up your evenings at anchor for more than 200 hours-these are the main features of WakaWaka Power+. In addition, with every purchase of a WakaWaka product, the brand is committed to the mission of bringing affordable light and energy to families and people in disadvantaged areas.

Waka Waka


Free Wheeling

Manual action outboard

It is the outboard that uses no gasoline, has no batteries, and does not pollute. A gimmick by New Zealander Ron Marks, consisting of an “S” shaped tube with a propeller attached to one end and a crank handle at the other end that you simply turn to cause the propeller to act. The ratio of 3:1, or one turn of the crank for 3 turns of the propeller, will make you struggle very little, also because Free Wheeling was created for very short trips aboard tenders.


Onya bags

Biodegradable waste bags

The typical waste that haunts the world’s seas is the plastic bag. There are, however, more environmentally friendly alternatives such as Onya bags, which are made from 100 percent plants, making them biodegradable and compostable. Onya pouches are contained in a handy packaging with a carabiner clip that allows them to be kept on hand at all times without clutter.


Cake pan that functions as an oven

Here’s how to bake bread and cakes…without an oven! Are you used to making cakes or baking bread at home and don’t know how to do it in the middle of the sea? The solution is this “miracle pan.” Recommended by the two Dutch Sailors for Sustainability navigators, Dewonderpan functions as a mini-oven and distributes the heat coming from the source, which can be a simple stove or a microwave, evenly through the entire pan. The result is to have freshly baked bread and cakes wherever you are with zero impact.

Natural Strong Marine Hardware

Boat cleaner

It is a concentrated cleaner designed specifically for use aboard boats. Marine Hardware’s Natural strong is 100% environmentally friendly because it is made from a base of plant extracts, making it totally biodegradable, pH neutral, and most importantly, marine friendly!

Dishes ViviVerde Coop

Biodegradable and compostable dishes

Using non-disposable plates would be the best solution, but this route is not always feasible. So here are the zero-impact, biodegradable and compostable disposable plates and cups from Coop’s Vivi Verde Line to keep on board just in case. These plates are made of PLA, a material derived from plants through some chemical processes, which allows them to be thrown into wet bags without any problems.

Winni’s Eco Detergents

Zero-impact detergents

For washing dishes, glasses and cutlery on board without polluting Winni’s detergents are a safety. The highly concentrated formula thoroughly cleans all dishes, thanks to surfactants that are highly effective against dirt and biodegrade quickly without any harm to the environment. For clean dishes and environment in a sustainable cruise!


If you care Aluminim

Recycled and recyclable foil paper

Tin foil is one of those things that in boating, but not only in boating, always comes in handy. While creating traditional aluminum foil wastes so much energy, If you care aluminum foil uses 95 percent less energy because it is 100 percent recycled and recyclable. Another pro-environmental move.

Marine Hardware Shampoo

Saltwater shampoo

Using common shampoos in boats is highly polluting and only works with fresh water. Instead, with Marine Hardware’s shampoo, specifically for body and hair hygiene, you can also wash with seawater thanks to its pH-neutral formulation.

Ashtray YKPuii

Stainless steel ashtray

If smoking is bad enough in itself, seeing the sea and beaches covered with butts is just not acceptable. YKPuii has designed a convenient stainless steel ashtray with a carabiner that you can carry with you under all circumstances, without finding yourself in the unpleasant situation of not knowing where to throw the butt.

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