SUNSEEKER ITALY, the Italian heart of the English Shipyard


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Sunseeker Italy in Lavagna is the point of reference for owners of the famous British shipyard, but especially for those who want to buy a Sunseeker yacht.
A completely renovated venue both aesthetically, it could be called a boutique, and in people with a professional team with decades of experience led by William Burns.

The team of Sunseeker Italy

Sunseeker Italy is part of the Sunseeker London Group, the official distributor of the British shipyard: an international entity that can meet every need of the shipowner. An official network that speaks directly with the shipyard and accompanies the owner from fabric selection to boat launching.

We met with William Burns, sales director of Sunseeker Italy, during the recent Genoa Boat Show, and now that Italy has also joined the Sunseeker London group family, we asked him what has changed in your approach shipowners?
After years Sunseeker finally returns to the Italian territory with a totally new company, part of the Sunseeker London Group. Certainly this has allowed for a direct approach to the customer, which means easier and more immediate communication between the end customer and the parent yard, both in terms of new and used sales, as well as after sales and customer service.

The slate office has been renovated to better accommodate customers, but what attention do you give Sunseeker customers?
The newly opened office allows us to have an operational headquarters that lives up to the brand we represent, an environment where customers have the opportunity to interface directly with knowledgeable and helpful people with decades of knowledge of the Sunseeker brand. We represent the only point of reference in Italy on a commercial level constantly connected with the dealers of the other nations belonging to the Sunseeker group (20 nations and 37 offices distributed in Europe and North Africa). This is a great advantage for those in search of new boats, allowing a direct approach to the shipyard, but also for those in search of used boats, thanks to the circuit of used boats registered on our CRM on which the ads from all the group’s offices converge (we are talking about 400 registered ads)

What are the motivations for an Italian customer to turn to a British shipyard like Sunseeker?
The biggest motivation for Italian (and non-Italian) customers to rely on the Sunseeker brand is, above all, its guarantee of quality. The security of buying a product with attention to detail with a level of workmanship, technology and raw material that is truly unparalleled. Everyone who has tried the Sunseeker experience has confirmed this indisputable aspect. Those who go to sea are aware of the inestimable importance of being able to rely on an excellently designed and built boat while at the same time having a mother shipyard behind them available for whatever support is needed. This has always been Sunseeker’s philosophy, which we, as its Italian office, champion every day through our work.

Sunseeker Italy
Tourist Port 52
16033 Lavagna (GE)
T +39 0185 30 53 17




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